The LIFE E-VIA European project organizes the free workshop “Electric mobility and low-noise asphalts: the LIFE E-VIA project and other contributions”, during which some project partners will illustrate the progress of some ongoing activities, related to to the design of a new low-noise asphalt and to the implementation of the pilot case in the city of Florence, and will deal with other realities dealing with similar issues.

The workshop is sponsored by AIA and is organized in collaboration with the Pescas Association, HEAD Acoustics, Ecopneus and the LIFE NEREIDE project.

The workshop will be held on Friday 14 May 2021 from 2 pm to 4:10 pm in FAD mode on the Microsoft Teams platform.

2 credits will be awarded to the first 36 TCAs enrolled.

The event will be included among the initiatives of the International Year of Sound (IYS) promoted by the International Acoustics Commission (ICA) and is linked to the INAD 2021 noise awareness day.

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