International Noise Awareness Day

International Noise Awareness Day (Noise Awareness Day) is an event conceived and organized for the first time in 1996 by the “Centre for Hearing and Communication” in the USA, to promote awareness of the dangers of long-term exposure to noise and to counteract its effects both on hearing and, more generally, on the health of citizens.

The event affects schools and institutions in many countries around the world every year and involves various National Acoustics Societies, benefiting from the support of the EAA and the Eurocities network.

International Noise Awareness Day represents an opportunity to make children and young people aware of the problems linked to excessive exposure to noise and to educate them on listening to sounds and soundscapes, shared with schools all over the world.

On the occasion of Noise Awareness Day, schools are invited to organize events and initiatives, involving students and citizens, to:

– measure and evaluate noise in the various spaces inside and outside school buildings;

– design solutions for noise mitigation and improvement of the acoustic climate;

– describe the soundscapes of the school and external gardens;

– write or design advertising campaigns on noise;

– know, define and observe a “quiet diet”;

– observe a minute of silence;

– create connections between schools in different cities and countries to share teaching experiences on the topic.

The INAD-ITALIA working group of the Italian Association of Acoustics (AIA) deals with the following activities every year:

– definition of the theme of the day in line with the international claim launched annually by the Center for Hearing and Communication;

– production of the advertising poster and publicity of the event;

– coordination of the activities of the Italian schools that join the initiative;

– production and distribution of educational/information material;

– publication of a prize competition with the theme of presenting ideas for raising awareness of the various problems relating to noise;

– organize educational moments and follow the children of the schools involved in the production of the material for the competition and in the agreed educational projects;

– organize the educational day to celebrate the event in April in the schools that have joined the initiative, thanks to the voluntary help of technicians competent in acoustics;

– coordinate activities with other acoustics institutions and schools around the world that organize and participate in the day.

The 28th edition of “International Noise Awareness Day” will be celebrated on 26 April 2023 in Italian schools. This edition aims to stimulate students’ reflections on how sounds can create inclusion and peace between different cultures. The theme, highly current, aims to focus attention on the delicate social aspects of this latest period, promoting a message of positivity.






The photos of the entries of the competition and the activities of INAD Italia will be published on the INAD ITALIA Facebook page

and / or on the Facebook group NOISE AWARENESS DAY ITALIA