The Polytechnic of Bari, as part of the International Year of Sound, sharing the invitation of the International Commission for Acoustics, will propose to the public, especially schools, in the week from 26 to 30 April, the initiative, “Sounds of Life , Life of Sounds ”(the sounds of life, the life of sounds). The event was sponsored, among others, by the Acoustical Society of Italy.

The initiative aims to highlight on the one hand the importance that sound plays in our life (involving perception, verbal communication, music, soundscape and physical space) and on the other the multiplicity of sound applications (characterization of spaces, virtual reality, sound synthesis).

The free webinars aimed at non-specialist audiences will be available through the PoliBa YouTube channel and the Zoom platform (accessible at the link, valid for all events: and have also been included in the scope of of the “paths for transversal skills and orientation” offered by the Polytechnic of Bari. All the scheduled events will be structured by providing, every day, the intervention of three experts who, with simple and informative language, will develop a theme focused on sound and its applications. At the conclusion of each, the public will be able to interact and ask questions to the speakers. In addition, a young testimonial will bring his contribution on job opportunities and professional growth and in the field of disciplines related to sound and acoustics. At the end of each day, a “homework” will be assigned to stimulate the younger participants to reflect and deepen with their teachers while the students of music schools will propose a short “musical greeting” focused on the theme of the day .

The “Sounds of Life, Life of Sounds” initiative will be presented on Monday, April 26, 10.00 am, live on the Poliba youtube channels and through the Zoom platform

For more information see the program