President letter

I am pleased to inform you that starting today, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Acoustical Society of Italy, a special section has been created on the AIA website dedicated to the celebrations of this important anniversary: ​​AIA 50th anniversary

In particular, you will find a summary of the activities of the Association (“Our first fifty years”), a list of all national conferences, with their locations, and of all other national and international events promoted, the list of members founders, honoraries and of all Presidencies and members of the Board of Directors. And again: the list of all the winners of the awards assigned by the AIA, a summary of the history of the Italian Acoustic Review, the list of webinars held in recent years. The material is completed by a short video that effectively summarizes the mission and history of the Association. I thank all those who collaborated in the preparation of the material with great dedication and competence, and in particular the former Presidents Giovanni Brambilla, Luigi Maffei, Eleonora Carletti, Alessandro Peretti, Carmine Ianniello, Alessandro Cocchi, Roberto Pompoli, and then Patrizio Fausti, Antonino Di Bella, Luca Barbaresi, as well as the Secretary General Sergio Luzzi, the Treasurer Francesca Pedrielli and the Secretariat in the person of Simona Senesi.

This is a large amount of information that gives credit to the very intense activity of the first fifty glorious years of the Association and that encourages us to continue on a path that is in continuity with the past and with an eye to the future.

We would have liked to celebrate this anniversary with an event in presence in Ferrara, which should have been held today, but the pandemic situation has suggested postponing the celebrations to the Matera National Convention at the end of May. The two difficult years that have just passed have increased the desire to return to meet in person, to exchange opinions, discuss acoustic issues and also experience the typical conviviality of the Association.

My hope is that in Matera we will finally be able to re-propose a conference formula fully in the presence, in which to adequately celebrate the AIA; and there will be a surprise for all members!

A cordial greeting to you all one hundred of these days at the AIA!

The President of the AIA
Francesco Asdrubali

Rome, February 10, 2022