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The Acoustical Society of Italy is organizing the “Technical Friday Meetings” in autumn 2023, a series of seminars in webinar mode with the AIA Platinum and Gold 2023 Supporters.

The program includes 9 informative meetings, which will be held from Friday 29 September to Friday 15 December from 1.30 pm to 2.30 pm and which will see the participation of the 3 AIA Platinum 2023 Supporters (Ecophon, Siemens and Sogimi) and the 6 AIA Gold Supporters 2023 (Aesse Ambiente, Head acoustics, Saint-Gobain, Spectra, Svantek Italia and Wood-Skin).

Two interventions are planned for each meeting, the first concerns the theoretical framework of the topic discussed, managed by AIA; the second is the presentation of one or more case studies through a technical report by the Supporter.

Below you can consult the calendar and register for the first webinar organized by the Platinum Ecophon Supporter “Beyond sound absorption – Towards zero impact acoustics” scheduled for Friday 29 September.

The webinars are free for AIA members and non-members.

Friday, 29th January 2023   1.30-2.30 pm

Webinar “Beyond sound absorption – Towards zero impact acoustics”

Moderator: Arianna Astolfi (Politecnico di Torino)

The construction industry generates the largest waste streams in Europe, and in total around 38% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Deciding which sound-absorbing product to choose for a building is not trivial. Acoustic performance, design needs and budgets are usually evaluated. But today we know that every product present in a building also has an impact on the internal and external environment. Therefore, it has become imperative to look beyond acoustics and also take environmental impact into consideration. With reference to sustainable building certifications, our products can contribute to obtaining various credits. Low consumption buildings, with a low environmental impact, built with eco-compatible materials and with a high content of recycled material. Designed in this way, buildings become healthy environments for those who live there. Indoor air quality refers to the air you breathe in confined spaces. Room ventilation therefore plays an important role in ensuring good indoor air quality. This is why Ecophon promotes diffused ventilation false ceilings, which combine acoustics with air quality. Still relating to air quality, it is also essential that the materials comply with the criteria of low VOC (volatile organic components) emission. Regarding acoustic and sound comfort: noise is one of the main sources of stress and discomfort, especially in shared spaces such as offices, classrooms and hospitals. Numerous studies have shown that excessive noise can increase stress levels, reduce productivity and even lead to health problems such as hearing loss and cardiovascular disease. Some certifications evaluate various elements of the sound environment, including sound level measurements, speech privacy, noise reduction, and soundscapes. All these factors contribute to creating an environment conducive to well-being in different ways.


Cristina Carrus for Ecophon: Ecophon is distributed in Italy by Saint-Gobain Italia S.p.A. and, develops and produces acoustic products and systems such as: false ceilings, sound-absorbing wall systems, islands, grilles and accessories for the installation of complete systems. Our promise of “Sound for People” is at the heart of everything we do. Ecophon is present worldwide with 20 business units and 1100 employees. The headquarters is located in Hyllinge, just outside Helsingborg, Sweden. Ecophon is part of the Saint-Gobain group. Ecophon invests in research and development to create systems that keep pace with market demands and to create sustainable solutions. The brand has been collaborating with universities and research bodies for years to investigate the effect of sound on people and measure the negative effects caused by non-optimal acoustic design. For this purpose, a group of experts around the world specializes in the dissemination of acoustics and psychoacoustics and in creating healthy sound environments. We are leading the transformation towards sustainability in our sector, through the innovation of products, processes and projects that bring us closer to a circular business model. Involving all our partners and stakeholders in the journey towards zero-impact acoustics.

Arianna Astolfi graduated with honors in Architecture from the Polytechnic of Turin. He obtained the title of PhD in Technical Physics at the University of Genoa in 2000. He is a full professor of Environmental Technical Physics at the Energy Department of the Polytechnic of Turin. Since 2023 he has been a member of the doctoral college in “Design and Technology. People, Environment, Systems” of the Polytechnic of Turin. She is vice president of the European Acoustical Association and is the author of over one hundred scientific publications and two national patents. She is on the editorial board of the journals Applied Acoustics, Frontiers in Built Environment Building Acoustics and Acoustics, and is a member of the scientific committee of the Rivista Italiana di Acoustica. You are a full member of the Italian Acoustics Association, a “Member” of the Institute of Acoustics and of the Acoustical Society of America and since 2016 you have been co-chair of the “Room and Building Acoustics” technical committee of the European Acoustical Association. She was a founding partner of Onleco Srl, a company that operates in the field of applied acoustics, and was a partner of P.RO.VOICE Srl, a start-up incubated in I3P, incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin. She carries out research on the topics of speech intelligibility, the acoustics of school environments and vocal monitoring, and the acoustics of spaces for musical performance. She also deals with sound insulation, sound-absorbing and sound-diffusing materials and soundscape.

Friday, 06th October 2023  1.30-2.30 pm

Webinar “Saint-Gobain Italia certified solutions for the integrated design of buildings: acoustic comfort, sustainability, safety”

Chairman: Dario D’Orazio, Università di Bologna

Evolution in the construction sector and regulatory updates increasingly lead to the need for integrated and multidisciplinary designs. With reference for example to the school sector, the need to acoustically adapt environments in accordance with the UNI 11532-2 standard must be integrated with further important requirements, such as compliance with the CAM criteria, in particular regarding sustainability, without forgetting the fundamental aspect of safety in the event of fire, earthquake or risk of the floors collapsing. Saint-Gobain Italia offers certified solutions and products capable of satisfying the strict regulatory requirements, supporting all players in the building supply chain, designers, works management, construction companies, public bodies.


Luca Cappellini for Saint-Gobain. Saint-Gobain designs, produces and distributes materials for safety and living comfort, which are found in all living spaces: buildings, transport, infrastructure and many industrial applications. With its 355 years of history, Saint-Gobain offers new generation materials, 90% of which are produced in our country, and integrated solutions with the aim of making “living spaces” more comfortable and sustainable, to contribute to well-being of people and the protection of the planet, positioning itself as a global point of reference in the efficient use of natural resources, respecting the environment, thanks to an innovative approach in product development, process efficiency, particular attention to suppliers of raw materials and transport, with the Group’s ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Dario D’Orazio, electronic engineer, researcher at the University of Bologna. He deals with the acoustic quality of environments (performance, work and teaching), innovative materials and measurement techniques. He collaborated in the drafting of the UNI 11532 standards.

Friday  13rd October 2023   1.30-2.30 pm

Webinar “Acoustic modeling, desulphurization plant, residual and testing noise measurements”

Chairman: Anna Magrini (University of Pavia)

The forecast model has the purpose of evaluating the emissions of the desulphurization plant by setting the noise exposure levels of those employed in the operation of the plant as control limits. Compliance with the terms of the contract also depends on compliance with the acoustic limits. The testing was carried out at the verification points established by contract with the client. The software used for the forecast model is SoundPLANnoise


Massimo Frigoni for Spectra: Spectra was founded in 1985 with the aim of offering innovative instrumentation and systems for acoustic and vibration measurements as well as analysis software and forecasting software for the in-depth study of problems and the simulation of possible solutions. In the years following its foundation, Spectra expanded by acquiring highly qualified personnel and gaining specific experience in dealing with problems related to noise and vibration measurement. A relationship of esteem and trust has been consolidated over time between Spectra and its customers, based on the seriousness that the company has tried to put into its work, focusing first of all on the customer and his needs. Today Spectra is able to cover the entire national territory, guaranteeing timeliness and the necessary technical support to customers who have given it their preference. Spectra Srl represents prestigious brands such as Larson & Davis, Sinus, SoundPLAN, LakeView software, Odeon, Syscom and many others.

Anna Magrini, Mechanical Engineer (University of Genoa), PhD in Technical Physics, Full Professor of Environmental Technical Physics (University of Pavia). Teaching activity: Environmental Technical Physics and Hydraulic Machines course, Thermal Systems and Building Thermophysics course, Energy Certification Laboratory, Faculty of Engineering, Pavia, a module in the course of Energy Sustainability of Historic Buildings, School of Specialization in Architectural Heritage and Landscape, University of Genoa. Research activities: energy performance of buildings, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB), air conditioning systems, efficiency of refrigeration machines, renewable energy sources, environmental acoustics (noise in internal/external environments, building acoustics); architectural acoustics (audiences, theaters, churches); thermo-hygrometric and acoustic well-being in internal/external environments, systems for the extraction of water from the air. Author of over 100 published works (international journal, monographs, conferences). Coordination and participation in projects of national interest (Ministry of University and Research): Acoustics of large environments for music, Linguistics and psychoacoustics applied to retroport noise. Urban quality and perception of health, Energy performance of buildings, Performance of biomass heating systems. Member of working groups for the drafting of national and international standards of the CTI (Italian Thermotechnical Committee) and CEN (European Committee for Standardisation).

Friday 27 October 2023 1.30pm-2.30pm

Webinar “Automatic Monitoring Services (AMS): Useful platform for the creation of a synchronized system for monitoring noise, vibrations, weather and dust produced by construction activities”

Moderator: Patrizio Fausti (University of Ferrara)

Construction activities involving urbanized areas can cause a series of disturbances and/or damages which can affect numerous sensitive receptors present near the construction site area. Such disturbances and/or damage may be caused by:

dynamic stresses in the ground (vibrations) due to the use of machinery and/or explosives;
use of noisy machinery;
dust produced by activities.
Thanks to the SvanNET AMS platform and the SV 307A and SV803 monitoring stations, it is possible to create a synchronized system that allows real-time verification of environmental impacts. The user will thus have useful data to plan, where necessary, mitigation interventions to control impacts. The purpose of the presentation is:

provide details about the functionality of the system;
illustrate the architecture of the integrated system;
describe the various elements that contribute to the creation of the system.


Michel Karroum for Svantek: Svantek Italia Srl based in Carugate (MI), is the Italian branch of Svantek parent company. It was founded in February 2006 with the aim of managing the marketing and in particular the assistance of instrumentation for the Italian market. The philosophy of Svantek Italia is therefore to provide a high technological content, guaranteeing its customers the highest quality/price ratio of instrumentation for acoustic and vibration measurements. Svantek Italia also still pursues the objective of offering its customers ergonomic and easy-to-use tools and software, designed specifically for the Italian market and which comply with the requirements and indications of the relevant legislation.

Patrizio Fausti is an Associate Professor at the Engineering Department of the University of Ferrara where he teaches Technical Physics, Civil Technical Systems and Technical Acoustics. He was one of the founders and professor of the School of Acoustics of the same University. The research activity mainly concerns issues relating to building and architectural acoustics, noise control, vibro-acoustics, and the acoustic properties of materials. He is the author and co-author of over 200 scientific works published nationally and internationally. He is responsible for research projects in building acoustics and noise control, a member of the University Spin-off “Materiacustica srl”. For the AIA he was Treasurer from 2002 to 2005, National Coordinator of the Building Acoustics Group (GAE) from 2005 to 2008, Chairman of the Technical Committee Room and Building Acoustics of the EAA from 2008 to 2011 and member of the Board of Directors since 2014.

Friday 10 November 2023 1.30pm-2.30pm

Webinar “Acoustic Material Testing”

Moderator: Alessandro Schiavi (INRiM)

Within the vast portfolio of Simcenter Testing Products dedicated to acoustics we also find a solution dedicated to tests for the study of the mechanical and acoustic properties of materials, the newest metamaterials, new and innovative components; these tests in turn allow us to feed simulation models with criteria, allowing us to compare different materials and help to improve existing products. We will see together a product presentation but also some applications.


Simone Geroso for SIEMENS, Siemens Digital Industries Software helps organizations of all sizes tackle digital transformation using the software, hardware and services of the Siemens Xcelerator business platform. The software offered by Siemens, together with the technologies for the creation of complete digital twins, allow companies to optimize their design, engineering and manufacturing processes, to transform today’s ideas into sustainable products of the future. From single chips to entire systems, from products to processes, across all industries.

Alessandro Schiavi, Senior Researcher presso l’Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica (INRIM), da oltre vent’anni si occupa di misure e strumentazione nell’ambito delle vibrazioni meccaniche, dell’acustica strutturale ed edilizia e per la caratterizzazione di proprietà di materiali. E’ responsabile della metrologia primaria per le vibrazioni, membro del Comitato Consultivo di Acustica Ultrasuoni e Vibrazioni del BIPM (Bureau International des Poids et Measures), componente del Comitato Tecnico di Acustica Ultrasuoni e Vibrazioni di EURAMET, membro del Comitato Tecnico “Vibration Measurement” di IMEKO e componente del collegio dei Revisori dei Conti, nel Consiglio Direttivo dell’Associazione Italiana di Acustica. Professore a contratto presso il Politecnico di Torino per il corso “Sistemi per l’illuminazione e il controllo del rumore” e docente in numerosi seminari presso Università, imprese e soggetti istituzionali, anche in ambito internazionale. Autore e/o coautore di oltre 200 pubblicazioni scientifiche.

Friday 17 November 2023 1.30pm-2.30pm

Webinar “Microcellular polyurethane for anti-vibration”

Moderator: Massimo Garai (University of Bologna)

Microcellular polyurethane foams with high anti-vibration performance: Sylomer®, with vibration damping properties; Sylodyn® with spring effect. Sylodamp®, shock absorber. Decoupling materials designed to counteract the effects of solid vibrations in the industrial and construction sectors. The damping of vibrations on buildings, machinery and systems that is obtained increases the structural resistance of buildings, increases safety and acoustic comfort, protects the control electronics and mechanical parts, reduces misalignment and electromechanical faults and therefore maintenance costs ordinary. Excellent performance in maintaining mechanical and physical properties over time. Application examples in construction and industry and description of the calculation program for the correct sizing of anti-vibration materials on the basis and of the desired reliefs and acoustic results.


Edina Domni and Cesare Barsottini – Sogimi Group: since 1951 Sogimi has been a leader in the distribution and transformation of plastic materials, composites, technical foams: high performance solutions, which meet even the very specific needs of the industrial, construction and communication sectors. With 6 companies and 14 factories strategically located throughout the national territory, Sogimi is able to support the customer in every phase of the project, with exclusive services provided by its technical and commercial offices.

Massimo Garai, graduated in Physics, PhD, full professor at the University of Bologna. President of the UNI Acoustics and Vibrations Commission, coordinator of two CEN working groups and ISO expert member for acoustics. Author of more than 320 scientific works published internationally or nationally, chairman and invited speaker at numerous international conferences. He carries out research on the following topics: signal processing, properties of materials and metamaterials, sound propagation in the external environment, architectural acoustics, building acoustics, noise control in the workplace, environmental sustainability assessments. He is or has been responsible for several competitive research projects, including the PRIN 2017 project on sustainable materials and metamaterials for acoustics.

Friday 24 November 2023 1.30pm-2.30pm

Webinar “Soundscape: new possible criteria for evaluating sound quality”

Moderator: Francesco Asdrubali (University for Foreigners of Perugia)

Sound quality metrics are often used to analyze complex sound scenarios such as Soundscape, to evaluate the impact on the health and well-being of people in a given environment. To create a metric based on the results of listening experiments, Psychoacoustic indicators are usually used, calculated as maximum, average or percentile in a linear combination. In many cases, the importance for the perception of individual events in terms of duration, amplitude and attendance through new evaluation criteria.


Marco Di Giusto for Head Acoustics: since its foundation in 1986, HEAD acoustics has been dealing with acoustics, vibrations, speech and sound quality using binaural recording systems. The company is recognized as a world leader in the production of scalable hardware and software solutions and in the provision of engineering consultancy services, for noise and vibration analysis and for the optimization of sound quality in industrial and environmental sectors , as well as for the measurement and optimization of speech and reception quality in the infotainment and telecommunications sectors. We have created a tool dedicated to binaural analyzes for SOUNDSCAPE as required by ISO 12913, which includes simplified hardware and extremely simple and intuitive software.

Francesco Asdrubali, civil engineer, full professor of Environmental Technical Physics at the Engineering Department of Roma Tre University, is the author of over 300 scientific publications on the energy of buildings, building and environmental acoustics, lighting engineering, renewable energy sources, analysis of life cycle. From 2004 to 2013 he was Director of CIRIAF (Interuniversity Center for Research on Pollution and the Environment “Mauro Felli”) at the University of Perugia. Scientific responsible for numerous national and community research projects (LIFE, Intelligent Energy Europe, VII Framework Program, Horizon 2020), he is Scientific Technical Expert of MIUR, President of the Italian Association of Acoustics and Editor of several international journals. He is included in the list of Top Italian Scientists for the Engineering area.

Friday 1 December 2023 1.30pm-2.30pm

Webinar “Solutions for the localization of acoustic sources via beamforming”

Moderator: Luca Barbaresi (University of Bologna)

The beamforming technique is increasingly required for the identification of noise sources. The immediate visual response and the ability to follow the temporal evolution of the phenomenon have made this application indispensable. MEMS microphones have brought the cost of this technique within everyone’s reach, increasing its possible applications: acoustic insulation, gas leaks, electrical discharges, construction defects, fault detection are just a small example of the potential of these new products for the technician acoustic. Starting from the operating principles, some technical solutions will be presented through experiences in building acoustics, automotive and industrial systems.


Claudio Colombo for AESSE Ambiente: AESSE Ambiente was founded in January 2013 after 15 years of history as the Italian branch of 01dB. The company, which offers instrumentation and software for environmental acoustics and vibrations, is made up of a group of professionals (all TCA) which guarantee competence and assistance in identifying the best technical solutions and supporting the use of tools. Acoustic and vibration monitoring systems, predictive acoustic models, multi-channel instrumentation for sound and vibration analysis, instrumentation and sources for building acoustics, vibrometers and dosimeters for work environments are just some of the technical solutions that AESSE Ambiente offers as innovative solutions for its customers. Technical assistance, calibrations, rentals, technical meetings, updates, training courses, maintenance contracts, remote support, newsletters and application notes are the services that AESSE Ambiente offers through people distributed across the territory through its offices and through new technologies communication

Luca Barbaresi, associate professor in Environmental Technical Physics at the Department of Industrial Engineering, Professor of “Technical Physics and Systems” in the three-year degree course in Building Engineering and “NOISE CONTROL IN THERMOTECHNICAL AND LIGHTING SYSTEMS” in the master’s degree course in Engineering Energy Studies of the University of Bologna. Currently responsible for the 2nd Operational Unit of the Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research of the University of Bologna. He deals with the acoustic characterization of building materials and the study of lateral noise transmission in buildings, in particular for wooden structures. He is the author of over 40 publications in scientific journals and international conference proceedings.

Friday 15 December 2023 1.30pm-2.30pm

Webinar “Parametric acoustic design through computational design”

Moderator: Paola Pulella (Vie en.ro.se.Engineering)

Computational design and digital manufacturing offer designers and architects the ability to represent and simulate acoustic performance with remarkable precision and to customize and control material and geometric properties. WOOD—SKIN creates an opportunity for dialogue in the design phase to treat sound as a guide for the design itself, offering the designer a simple way to differentiate the material and geometric treatment of existing rooms towards acoustic improvement.


Giulio Masotti for WOOD-SKIN: As architects and designers we know how difficult it is to design and build complex shapes. This is why we created W-S, a product and a team to create impossible surfaces. 3D ACOUSTIC SURFACES: The patented WOOD-SKIN® technology is the heart of our projects. Our digital manufacturing process allows us to create world-class 3D acoustic surfaces quickly and easily. We have developed a technology made of software and selected materials that help designers to easily recreate organic shapes, giving the project a unique structure and aesthetic. The three-dimensionality of the WOOD-SKIN surfaces, the perforation possibilities and the optimization of the software contribute to creating a high-performance acoustic panel. In the rear part of the panel, between the WOOD-SKIN membrane and the ceiling/wall on which it is applied, an air gap is created. In this cavity, essential for acoustic performance, it is possible to insert a sound-absorbing material. On the front of the panel, the surface can be perforated based on aesthetic and technical needs, while the 3D surface guarantees unparalleled diffusion performance.

Paola Pulella graduated in 2020 in Architectural Engineering at the University of Pisa with a thesis developed at the Department of Audio Information Processing (Technical University of Munich). She qualified as an architect and engineer in the same year and has been registered in the National List of Competent Acoustic Technicians since 2022. She works as an acoustic consultant collaborating with Vie en.ro.se. Engineering, an Italian company specializing in environmental, construction and industrial acoustics. In the professional field, he has taken part in the acoustic design of interior spaces for the improvement of the acoustic quality of environments dedicated to speech, in the definition of acoustic solutions for the reduction of sound emissions generated by industrial and civil systems, in the acoustic impact analysis of infrastructures and the acoustic characterization of mechanical components. You have collaborated in research activities with various Italian universities.


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