The winners of the “My World of Sounds” competition!

We are happy to announce that awards and special mentions have been assigned to the winners of the International Year of Sound 2020-2021 Student Competition:

Category I — DRAWINGS (Primary Schools)
1.Turkey (Istanbul) Neslÿ Ergün – School: Çekmeköy Final Middle School
2.Chile (Melipilla) – Laura Isabel Paredes Catalan – School: Colegio Melipilla
3.Hong Kong (Tung Chung) – – Cheung Han Ching – School: Ching Chung Hau Po Woom

Category II — STANZAS (Middle and Secondary Schools)
1.Italy (Florence) – class 3°E – School: IC “Puccini”
2.Spain (Besalù) – Roger Cortés, Laia Cuesta, and Coral Coll – School: Institut Escola Salvador Vilarrasa
3.Spain (Valladolid) – Leader Alba Sánchez Domínguez – Class 3rd D/E.S.O. – School: I.E.S. La Merced

The works are visible at the following link.
Facebook page of the International Year of Sound:

On the official IYS 2020-2021 website you will also find the assignment of all the special mentions:

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