AIA, in collaboration with Vie Engineering, aims to collect and analyze the answers to the questionnaire “The sounds of the city during the pandemic: how has our perception of the sound environment changed?”.

In these two years, our lives have undergone significant changes as a result of the containment and management measures of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19. Living with the pandemic, the sound environment has also changed: the cities, at first frenetic and crowded, have emptied during the months of lockdown and have consequently found a new balance between provisions of social distancing and alternation between work in presence and distance.

The purpose of this initiative is to compare the current situation with the period prior to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, from a perceptual point of view. Particular attention is paid to the environment most frequented by those who fill out the questionnaire: how has the acoustic scenario changed over time?

We warmly invite you to fill in the questionnaire at the following link:

We also remind you that the results of the questionnaire entitled “Perception of noise before and during the COVID-19 pandemic”, promoted by the AIA two years ago, are presented at the following link: 10.1515 / noise-2021-0005 / pdf