The new Board of Directors of the Acoustical Society of Italy 2021-2023

The new Board of Directors of the Acoustical Society of Italy for the three-year period 2021-2023, took office on Friday 9 April.

The Board elected Francesco Asdrubali as President; Sergio Luzzi and Francesca Pedrielli were appointed respectively General Secretary and Treasurer.

Eleonora Carletti acquires by right, as outgoing President, the office of Vice President. The new directors are: Arianna Astolfi, Luca Barbaresi, Giovanni Brambilla, Andrea Cerniglia, Antonino Di Bella, Patrizio Fausti, Massimo Garai, Anna Magrini, Francesco Martellotta, Francesco Pompoli and Andrea Tombolato.

The programmatic lines of the new governance of the Association foresee, among other things, to increase the number of Members and supporters, to intensify collaboration with other associations, to reactivate some Thematic Groups and stimulate their activities, to strengthen training in favor of Competent Acoustics Technicians, to intensify dialogue with institutions (Ministry of the Environment and system of Environmental Agencies), to strengthen the leading role achieved in the international context. The diffusion of the acoustic culture through all possible channels is fundamental – the national conference, the webinars, which have had an excellent participation, the communication on social networks, the magazine, the contents of the site (to be enriched with more technical documentation for members ) – just as support for young people who want to approach the discipline is strategic.

The new Council, with the hope that we will soon be able to meet again in the presence, is ready to face its mandate with enthusiasm and is open to the suggestions of all the Members to make the AIA an increasingly authoritative, inclusive Association, modern and at the service of all its various components (researchers, professionals, ARPA officials).

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