After the great success of the three “Waiting for Matera” webinar cycles proposed in 2020, 2021 and 2022 and of the “AIA-AICARR” meetings in 2021,  waiting for the 49th AIA National Conference, the Italian Acoustics Association, organizes two online dating cycles:

“Waiting for Ferrara…” (3 free webinars) in the formula of informative seminars, on topical issues of general interest concerning applied acoustics. For AIA Members, the accreditation request for the release of cfp Engineers is underway after participation in all three webinars.
“AIA meets the Associations” (4 free webinars), each dedicated to the deepening of an interdisciplinary theme treated together with one of the Associations with which AIA has signed collaboration agreements.
In addition to the online events, numerous face-to-face meetings:

the seminar “The evolution in vibration control” on March 28 in Turin,
the 49th National Convention from 7 to 9 June in Ferrara,
2 courses for competent technicians in acoustics before and after the AIA Convention in Ferrara,
the international event Forum Acusticum from 11 to 15 September in Turin,
the “Beautiful Sounds” study day in Florence,
1 TCA course on October 18, in Florence.

Below AIA 2023 events calendar:

January 20 – Webinar cycle Waiting for Ferrara…: “Intrusive characteristics of noise: methods and new evaluation tools”.
January 27 – AIA-AICARR Webinar: Presentation of the book “The noise of systems in buildings”.
February 10 – Webinar cycle Waiting for Ferrara…: “New CAM Construction: acoustic performance and comfort”.
February 24 – AIA-AES Webinar: “The acoustics of entertainment venues”.
March 10 – AIA-SIAF Webinar: “Acoustic pollution and hearing loss”.
March 28 – Seminar: “The evolution of vibration control: smart sensor networks & industry 4.0”, Turin.
April 14 – AIA AIDII Webinar: Acoustics in the workplace.
12 May – Webinar cycle “Waiting for Ferrara…”: Sound and vocal signaling systems (EVAC): from design to testing”.
7 June – TCA course Acoustics of Evac systems, Ferrara.
7-9 June – AIA National Conference, Ferrara.
9 June – TCA Course – Acoustics and Cam, Ferrara.
11-15 September – AIA-EAA Congress FORUM ACUSTICUM, Turin.
18 October – “Beautiful Sounds” Study Day, Florence.
October 18 TCA Course – Intrusive Noise, Florence.

Calendar at 15 December 2022. The events calendar is being defined, each update available on the AIA website in the Events section.