Institutional Subscribers have the following benefits:

  • to access the restricted contents of online INCE–USA repository (proceedings of the INTER-NOISE, NOISE-CON, NOVEM, ACTIVE e SQS conferences, NOISE CONTROL ENGINEERING JOURNAL and NOISE NEWS INTERNATIONAL);
  • to ask the European Acoustics Association (EAA) for an economic contribution (total or partial) to cover the cost of publication for the authors of articles accepted by Acta Acustica folowing the procedure HERE reported (this benefit is subject to a minimum of 2-years continuous AIA membership);
  • to receive a discount for the registration fees at the national annual meeting of the Association and all the events organised by the Association and by the AIA affiliated scientific associations;
  • to benefit for “EAA member” fee at the events organised by EAA (FORUM ACUSTICUM, EURONOISE, EUROREGIO and EAA Symposia, etc…) and by the other European associations on acoustics;
  • to download the electronic version of AIA publications;
  • to receive a discount for the hardcopy or CD-ROM of AIA publications;
  • to receive announcements of national and international events, meetings and courses (subject to the agreement to the Information consent).

The membership implies the acceptance of the Statute and the Regulation of the association (both in Italian).

Consultation of the online version of the Rivista Italiana di Acustica is open to all users with no need of registration.