It is with great pleasure that we present to all those involved in acoustics in Italy the first issue of the new Rivista Italiana di Acustica, published thanks to the professionalism of a long-standing publisher such as Franco Angeli.

The new course of the RIA includes some important innovations. First of all, a renewed and expanded Editorial Committee, coordinated by Francesco Pompoli, with many young members who are enthusiastically contributing to the relaunch of the magazine. Then a new editorial layout, in two columns, and more accurate graphics. And again: the publication of special issues, dedicated to the conferences and events promoted by the Association: we will start with the first issue of 2023, entirely dedicated to the international conference “The Acoustics of Ancient Theatres”, held with great success in Verona from 6 to 8 July 2022. Finally, in addition to scientific memoirs and technical notes, there will be a section dedicated to articles and editorials on the life and initiatives of the Association, taking up what was a feature of the paper magazine.

In the first issue, among other things, space is given to some scientific memoirs of authors who participated in the Giacomini Prize, 2022 edition, dedicated to the best master’s degree theses in acoustics, and to technical notes of participants in the new Prize established by the AIA for young professionals under 35. There are also two editorials, one signed by Gianni Brambilla on the history of the Association, which this year celebrates its first fifty years of life, and one co-written by Rossella Natale, Sara Delle Macchie, Raffaele Mariconte and Sergio Luzzi on educational experiences to promote knowledge of acoustics in Italian schools as part of INAD, the International Day for Noise Awareness, in which the AIA has been participating since 2010.

We invite all AIA members and all Italian acousticians to contribute to the magazine and we wish you good reading!

Eleonora Carletti, Editor-in-Chief of the Italian Acoustics Review

Francesco Asdrubali, President of the Italian Association of Acoustics