New open access scientific articles

The following open access scientific articles of possible interest have been recently published.


Challenges of the Use of Sound Emergence for Setting Legal Noise Limits

Guillaume Dutilleux, Truls Gjestland, Gaetano Licitra

Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2019, 16(22), 4517;


Influence of texture on tyre road noise spectra in rubberized pavements

Alessandro Del Pizzo, LucaTeti, Antonino Moro, Francesco Bianco, Luca Fredianelli, Gaetano Licitra

Applied Acoustics, Volume 159, February 2020, 107080;


Port Noise and Complaints in the North Tyrrhenian Sea and Framework for Remediation

Matteo Bolognese, Francesco Fidecaro, Diego Palazzuoli, Gaetano Licitra

Environments 2020, 7(2), 17;


Stabilization of a pu Sensor Mounted on a Vehicle for Measuring the Acoustic Impedance of Road Surfaces

Francesco Bianco, Luca Fredianelli, Fabio Lo Castro, Paolo Gagliardi, Francesco Fidecaro, Gaetano Licitra

Sensors 2020, 20(5), 1239;
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