The “Meetings between AIA and AiCARR” arise from the collaboration between the Acoustical Society of Italy and the Italian Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Association.
This is a cycle of seminars in webinar mode and of a popular nature, aimed at a wide audience of professionals, which foresee the release of CFPs.
The program includes 4 events (two in spring and two in autumn) which will be held on Fridays from 1:00 am to 3:30 pm.
Two senior moderators and 4 speakers, generally young professionals or researchers, experts in acoustics and in energy and plant engineering issues, will discuss from time to time on the different topics, all of an interdisciplinary nature.
It will start with the first webinar (May 14) which will deal with Big data and applications in the management of acoustic and energy data. The second webinar (11 June) will deal with the energy and acoustic requalification of the contemporary building heritage. During the third webinar (24 September) the noise of energy plants will be discussed, with particular regard to cogeneration and refrigeration plants. The webinar on the aspects of global comfort (acoustic, thermohygrometric, visual) in the internal and external environment closes the cycle (October 15).

For information on the meetings and to register for the first webinar on May 14, click on “Big Data Management in the energy and acoustic field“.

The program of subsequent webinars and the registration procedure will be available on the website as each event approaches.