Meetings between AIA and AiCARR – “The thermal and acoustic quality of the internal environment in line with the new legislation” 15.10.21

The appointment that closes the popular cycle of meetings between AIA and AiCARR is scheduled for October 15 at 13.00.
The webinar, conducted by experts in acoustics and plant engineering, is dedicated to the thermal and acoustic quality of the indoor environment, in line with the new legislation.

The quality of the indoor environment, which is the combination of acoustic, thermal and visual comfort and air quality, is one of the fundamental aspects in the sustainable design of buildings. Its importance is enshrined in the UNI EN 16798-1 standard. The thermal aspects of this standard derive from UNI EN ISO 7730 which, being referred to by the CAM Building of 2017, is mandatory in the design of public administration buildings. The CAMs themselves refer to UNI 11532, which in part 2 regulates the aspects of acoustic comfort for schools and in the subsequent parts 3 and 4 will deal with offices and hospitals.

In the webinar on October 15, a general overview of the new legislation will be presented regarding the relationship between thermal and acoustic comfort with a focus on the design of air conditioning systems. In particular, from the acoustic point of view, the issue of the requirements governing the noise of continuous and discontinuous systems coming from neighboring environments and from the environment under analysis will be dealt with. Examples will be presented that can highlight design and verification criticalities.

Professional Training Credits are provided for engineers, industrial experts and architects.

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Also for this appointment, we thank the sponsors of the series of Meetings between AIA and AiCARR: Svantek Italia Srl and Wolf Italia Srl.

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