Meetings between AIA and AiCARR “Energy and acoustic requalification of the contemporary building heritage” 11.06.21

The cycle of meetings between AIA and AiCARR continues on 11 June with the second appointment “Energy and acoustic upgrading of the contemporary building heritage”.

The redevelopment of contemporary buildings typically involves aspects related to energy efficiency and acoustic comfort in indoor environments. When intervening on the envelope or on the internal partitions of a building, for the purpose of improving energy and acoustic requirements, one can run into problems concerning urban planning, typological, dimensional or structural constraints that can sometimes make it difficult to carry out the necessary interventions to ensure compliance with legal limits or good executive practices. To all this is added the economic feasibility of the intervention, to be evaluated along the life cycle of the building. The national regulatory and legislative framework, relating to interventions to improve energy and acoustic requirements, is relatively complex and articulated and often interventions concern only one of the two aspects. On the other hand, conscious design can, often with minimal increases in cost and executive complexity, lead to the simultaneous satisfaction of energy and acoustic improvement requirements.

In the webinar, characterized by the intervention of young experts from the two sectors and two moderators from AIA and AiCARR, the most recent developments in the national regulatory and legislative framework and executive techniques will be illustrated, leaving due space for questions from the participants.

CFPs are provided for engineers, experts and architects.

For information on the meetings and to register for the second webinar on June 11, click on “Energy and acoustic upgrading of the contemporary building heritage”.

Also for this appointment, we thank the sponsors of the series of Meetings between AIA and AiCARR: Svantek Italia Srl and Wolf Italia Srl.

The program of subsequent webinars and the registration procedure will be available on the website as each event approaches.

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