The International Day of Awareness on Noise (INAD – Italy) will be celebrated on April 27, 2022.
The theme of the day will be “Imagined sounds” and aims to inform and sensitize students on the various types of sounds that enrich the acoustic environment in which we live.
The theme is intended to stimulate students’ attention to sounds that they consider positive and that they would like to find in a “comfortable and happy” environment.
The initiative provides for the possible participation of Italian schools in the “Imagined Sounds” prize competition and / or an educational lesson on acoustics by experts in the field.

The Acoustical Society of Italy is pleased to invite all technicians to participate in the initiative, providing their availability for:
– organize and manage the didactic lesson of April 27, 2022 (if necessary, didactic materials for the lesson will be made available);
– provide contacts of possible interested schools.

For the competition announcement and the poster (awaiting the patronage of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and INAIL) click HERE

The deadline for registration (both for joining the teaching lesson and the competition) is set for 1 March 2022. The application form is attached to the competition announcement.

For more information:
– AIA website:
– e-mail:
– facebook page: Inad.italia
– facebook group: Noise Awareness Day Italy.

INAD Italy working group of the Acoustical Society of Italy