The deadlines for participation to INAD Italia 2020 have been rescheduled.

The new deadlines for the competition have been extended consistently with those of the International Year of Sound – IYS2020.

Health always has the highest priority and it is very important to follow the orders and restrictions of the WHO and the Ministry of Health.

This means that, as schools are still closed, INAD Italia 2020 will be celebrated next year with the same theme “AscoltiAMO i suoni”.

INAD Italia  2020-21 day  “AscoltiAMO i suoni”  will be celebrated on April 28, 2021, with workshops, laboratories and educational meetings held by the AIA acoustic experts.

In the section of AIA website ( dedicated to INAD Italia, you will find the competition notice updated with the new deadlines and all information on the new dates.

In the meanwhile, the INAD Italia group invites all students and teachers to send a video/audio recording by singing and playing – from home – the first verse of the song “The sound of the world”.

It is sufficient to sing a cappella on the piece, using scores and examples downloadable from the following link:

All your contributions, together with those of other schools in the world, will be edited in a video posted on YouTube and various social networks in order to promote the international competition.

(The end result will be something similar to what these students accomplished during the lockdown: ).

The INAD Italia group thanks all of you for your collaboration and the usual enthusiasm, which will contribute to making this initiative a great success too!

“We must guarantee to the world that the Year of Sound is not cancelled by the virus and that right after this difficult period, the beautiful “sound of the world” will be heard again by everyone”

(Cit. ICA IYS2020 Steering Committee)