In memory of Beppe Elia

The President and the Board of Directors of the Italian Association of Acoustics, also on behalf of all the members, express deep emotion for the passing of Beppe Elia and join the pain of the family.

Graduated in engineering in 1972, he taught for a few years at the Polytechnic of Turin, then with some fellow students he founded the company Modulo Uno, an important national reference in the sector of acoustics, safety, quality, environment and occupational hygiene. In the company he was a board member for many years, dealing with research, services, innovative activities and training.

He has collaborated in the drafting of some scientific texts, has written over 150 articles and technical memoirs in acoustics, has been a professor at the School of Acoustics of the University of Ferrara. His contribution in the field of technical standardization is of great importance, also through participation in the work of UNI, of which he has been President of the Acoustics and Vibrations Commission since 2002, for several years.

He has actively and passionately collaborated, for most of his professional life, in the activities and life of the Italian Acoustic Association. AIA member since 1980, member of the Executive Council several times, he was national coordinator of the Group of Acoustics and Vibrations in the Workplace (GAL) and invited speaker at various AIA seminars; until 2013 he edited the Newsletter of the Italian Acoustics Review on Normative.

Since 2018 he has been recognized as an Honorary Member, by virtue of his constant commitment to the Association, his great technical-scientific skills and his contribution to the development and dissemination of acoustics at a national level

In addition to his work experience, his role in the social field is remembered, first within Catholic Action and then the Ecclesial Movement of Cultural Commitment, of which he was national president from 2014 to 2021.

He leaves colleagues and friends an important example of professionalism, balance and humanity.

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