Hearing Marathon

Udito Italia Onlus promotes the most important awareness raising event for hearing disorders in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) to celebrate World Hearing Day and promote the launch of the World Report on Hearing.

The event will be held on 2 March from 3.00 pm  to 6.00 pm and on 3 March from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm.

In these two days, representatives of institutions, doctors, researchers, associations, health professionals, companies in the sector, journalists and testimonials will compete in a long media marathon, Hear-a-thon, to promote a real cultural revolution, which finally places hearing problems at the center of the political and health debate.

At the same time, Nonno Ascoltami’s expression of interest will be launched to allow the candidacy of a city to be the seat of one of the squares of the event.

Hear-a-thon: a major online event to celebrate World Hearing Day simultaneously with over 100 countries and to formalize the launch of the World Report on Hearing, developed by the World Hearing Forum, organization wanted by the WHO precisely to raise attention to the worrying increase in hearing disorders in the world and which also includes Udito Italia Onlus. The Hear-a-thon event will be live streaming and enhanced by an online platform that will gather all the participants.

Udito Italia Onlus, partner of the World Hearing Forum (WHF) has accepted the mandate of the WHO to set up a New Hearing Alliance focused on prevention policies. The main purpose is to direct the Ministry of Health in Italy to support the prevention policies on hearing loss through the establishment of a national coordination table.

The Acoustical Society of Italy participates in this initiative with a live streaming intervention on Wednesday 3 March at 3.30 pm during the discussion on “The ages of hearing – adolescents”.

To participate in the event and for more information: https://app.swapcard.com/event/maratona-delludito.

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