Great participation to the AIA initiative of sound levels monitoring during the Coronavirus emergency

The initiative of the sound levels monitoring on the national territory during the Coronavirus emergency, promoted by the, is enjoying a great participation (GO TO THE PAGE).

Up to now, 202 points have been registered, mainly in areas affected by road traffic noise (64%), followed by natural sounds (12%) and other types of sources (shouting / cackling, production activities, shops, etc. …).

Anyone wishing to contribute with any calibrated sound level meter (Class 1 or Class 2) and also with a smartphone, provided with a tool for the microphone gain adjustment and following the instructions prepared for the Android and iOS operating systems , has the opportunity to join until May 4 by filling in the specific participation form.

Those who have already registered are invited to submit the acquired data, relating to both the ante-operam and the current phase, by accessing the data submission page. Any measures relating to the future scenario, which must be carried out trying to reproduce the same relevant conditions (same point, day of the week, hour) can be sent later.

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