Final results Project BRIC INAIL ID 14 Rome, 17 November 2022

Auditorium Inail Piazzale Pastore 6, Roma

The final results of the BRIC INAIL ID 14 Project, “Prevention of extra-auditory effects in school environments - Active control of noise and vibrations on agricultural vehicles. Tools, methods and operational indications deriving from case studies ", funded by INAIL as part of the BRIC 2019 call, will be presented on Thursday 17 November in Rome at the INAIL Auditorium.

Webinar “Waiting for Ferrara…”


After the great success of the three cycles of webinars "Waiting for Matera" proposed in 2020, 2021 and 2022, in anticipation of the 49th AIA National Conference, the Italian Acoustical Society organizes "Waiting for Ferrara..." confirming the formula of free dissemination seminars, in telematic mode, on topics of current affairs and of general interest concerning applied acoustics.

Webinar “AIA meets the Associations”


Dopo il riscontro positivo degli incontri AIA-AICARR del 2021, sempre in attesa del 49° Convegno Nazionale AIA, l’Associazione Italiana di Acustica organizza un ciclo di quattro webinar “AIA incontra le Associazioni”, ciascuno dedicato all’approfondimento di un tema interdisciplinare trattato insieme ad una delle Associazioni con cui AIA ha sottoscritto accordi di collaborazione.

The evolution of vibration control: smart sensor networks & industry 4.0 Torino, 28 March 2023

Torino Strada delle Cacce 91, Torino, Italia

Vibration control plays an important role in many fields: from industrial processes (for monitoring system operation or preventing defects), to Industry 4.0 (for automation management and Machine Learning), as well as for other widespread applications today, such as environmental, seismic and infrastructure sensing, navigation and positioning systems, remote surgery and diagnosis, health feedback sensing and environmental/natural risk.

49° AIA National Congress
Ferrara 7-9 June 2023

Ferrara Via Saragat, 1, Ferrara, Italia

The 49° Convegno Nazionale dell’Associazione Italiana di Acustica is organized in collaboration with the Department of Engineering of the University of Ferrara and the CNR-STEMS headquarters in Ferrara. The conference will address the most current issues in the fields of environmental noise analysis and control, acoustic quality in buildings and work environments, also considering the most recent developments in the regulatory field and in all the other more advanced sectors of acoustics research physics, environmental, architectural, musical and metrological.

Forum Acusticum 2023, Torino, 11-15 Settembre 2023

Politecnico di Torino Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, Torino, Italia

The Italian Acoustical Association is pleased to invite you in Torino (Italy) to attend Forum Acusticum 2023, the 10th Convention of the European Acoustics Association, from the 11th to the 15th of September 2023.

Beautiful Sounds 2023
Firenze, 18 ottobre

Firenze Palazzo Vecchio Piazza della Signoria, Firenze, Italia

After the success of the initiative "NOISE AND THE CITY - L'ANIMA SONORA DELLE CITTTÁ" and "A QUIET PLACE - UN POSTO TRANQUILLO", expert technicians of acoustics, doctors, designers and philosophers of sound are once again confronted in the Salone dei Cinquecento in Florence to talk about how an environment can be considered of quality thanks to the presence of "BEAUTIFUL SOUNDS 2023 - SUONI POSITIVI PER LUOGHI FELICI".

Webinar “AIA meets the Associations”


After the positive feedback from the "AIA meets the Associations" meetings in 2023, and while awaiting the 50th AIA National Conference, the Acoustical Society of Italy is organizing two further webinars, each dedicated to the in-depth analysis of an interdisciplinary topic covered together with one of the Associations with which AIA has signed collaboration agreements.

International Symposium on Advanced Research in Noise Management of Maritime Infrastructures Padova 22 Aprile 2024

Palazzo Bo - Archivio Antico Via 8 Febbraio, 2, Padova, Italia

The Symposium, sponsored and supported by the International Commission for Acoustics, aims to encourage an exchange of experiences and to offer a discussion table to the subjects involved in the main international research projects relating to the study and management of noise in maritime transport infrastructures of the Mediterranean

50° AIA National Congress
Taormina 29-31 May 2024

Hotel Villa Diodoro via Bagnoli Croci, 75, Taormina, Italia

The 50th National Conference of the Acoustical Society of Italy is organized with the collaboration of the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Informatics Engineering (DIEEI) of the University of Catania and the Institute for Chemical-Physical Processes of the CNR.


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