The Acoustics of Ancient Theatres, Verona 6-8 July 2022




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The Acoustical Society of Italy (AIA) and the European Acoustics Association (E.A.A.), with the collaboration of the Hellenic Institute of Acoustics (HEL.IN.A.), organize the Symposium “The Acoustics of Ancient Theatres” that will be held at Palazzo della Gran Guardia in the city of Verona, Italy, from 6 to 8 July 2022.

The Symposium on The Acoustics of Ancient Theatres, the second on this topic after the one held in Patras (Greece) in 2011, aims to bring together experts to present and discuss all aspects related to the acoustic properties of these monuments which are often still used for public performances including opera, drama, speech and music.

The evolution and development of new technologies for the multichannel measurement systems, together with acoustic simulations, auralisation methods and virtual reconstructions, have generated renewed interest in these spaces.

These aspects, as well as more interdisciplinary studies, will be presented and discussed. The event will be included among the initiatives of the International Year of Sound (IYS 2020) promoted by the International Commission for Acoustics (ICA).

Instructions for the proceedings will follow on the website. Every registered author can present up to two papers.

An award will be given to the best oral and poster presentations.

The proceedings will be available on the website and subsequently published in the journal Rivista Italiana di Acustica. Selected papers will be proposed for a special issue in Acta Acustica. Other opportunities for publication in special issues are being evaluated. .   

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN. Visit the section Registration for more details.


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28 February 2022: Deadline for abstract submission.

31 March 2022: Notification of acceptance of abstracts.

30 April 2022: Deadline for short paper submission (peer reviewed paper).

15 May 2022: Notification of acceptance or revision of peer-reviewed papers.

31 May 2022: Submission of reviewed (and non-peer reviewed) papers.


22 June 2022: Final program.

22 June 2022: Deadline for the payment of the regular registration fee.


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Papers could be submitted from the 1st of April 2022.

Please prepare your work using the template provided on the congress website, under "Short paper template" and submit it according to the procedure provided in the "Guide for Authors - Short Paper Submission".


Authors are invited to submit a contribution on the following structured sessions.

• Discussion on acoustical parameters for ancient open-air theatres (Chairmen: Jens Holger Rindel)

• SIPARIO - Spatial audio techniques for 3D measurements and recordings in ancient theatres (Chairmen: Lamberto Tronchin, Angelo Farina)

• AURA - Auralisation of Acoustic Heritage Sites Using Augmented and Virtual Reality (Chairmen: Raffaella Bellomini)

• THE PAST HAS EARS (Chairmen: Brian Katz, Angelo Farina)

• Modern use of ancient performance spaces (Chairmen: Louena Shtrepi, Luca della Torre, Mario Cognini)

• Challenges in open-air theatres simulation and analysis (Chairmen: John Mourjopoulos, Francesco Asdrubali, Francesco Martellotta)

• Sound amplification of large outdoor spaces (Chairmen: Dario D'Orazio, Guido Diamanti)

• Perception of speech and music in performance spaces (Chairmen: Nicola Prodi, Jens Blauert)

• Soundscape of historical sites (Chairmen: Jian Kang, Francesco Aletta)

• The acoustic of singing voice (Chairmen: Pasquale Bottalico, Mario Cognini, Alessio Carullo)

• Ritual spaces in ancient times: caves, temples, and early Christian churches (Chairmen: Francesco Martellotta, Francesco Asdrubali)

Contributions are not limited to the above sessions. Other topics such as virtual reconstruction of ancient buildings and spaces, archaeo-acoustics, ‘ancient' theatres vs. Renaissance, Baroque and 'modern' theaters, etc. are also welcome.


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For those who wish to attend Opera at the Arena di Verona, tickets can be purchased on the ARENA website:

- Thursday, July 7th 2022, NABUCCO

- Friday, July 8th 2022, AIDA

- Saturday, July 9th 2022, LA TRAVIATA


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Regular registration (payment before June 22, 2022)

- AIA Members: € 300

- EAA Members: € 300

- Non-Members: € 350

- Students: € 150

- Retired Members: € 150

Late registration (payment after June 22, 2022)

- AIA Members: € 350

- EAA Members: € 350

- Non-Members: € 400

- Students: € 180

- Retired Members: € 180

Registration fees includes technical program, workshops, proceedings, technical visits, coffee and lunch breaks, welcome reception. The indicated prices are all VAT included, when applicable.


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• Technical visits to the Arena in Verona and the Roman Theatre.

• Workshops (under organization)

• Invited speakers also from related inter-disciplinary fields (archaeologists, historians, etc)

Performances in the Arena during the Symposium: 

- Thursday, July 7th 2022, Nabucco,

- Friday,  July 8th 2022, AIDA,

- Saturday, July 9th 2022, La Traviata 


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact   

General Chairs

Arianna Astolfi - TC-RBA of the E.A.A.,
Patrizio Fausti - A.I.A.,
John Mourjopoulos - HEL.IN.A.


Organising committee

Luca Barbaresi (IT) - University of Bologna,
Eleonora Carletti (IT) - CNR-STEMS,
Mario Cognini (IT) - Ordine Ingegneri Verona,
Antonino Di Bella (IT) - University of Padua,
Jacopo Fogola (IT) - ARPA Piemonte,
Massimiliano Masullo (IT) - University of Campania,
Francesca Pedrielli (IT) - CNR-STEMS,
Andrea Santoni (IT) - University of Ferrara
Chiara Visentin (IT) - University of Ferrara,

Advisory Board

Gustavo Basso (AR) - University of La Plata,
Jens Blauert (DE) - Emeritus, Ruhr University Bochum,
Alessandro Cocchi (IT) - Emeritus University of Bologna,
Massimo Garai (IT) - University of Bologna,
Jian Kang (UK) - University College London,
Roberto Pompoli (IT) - Emeritus University of Ferrara,
Michael Taroudakis (GR) - University of Crete,
Michael Vorländer (DE) - RWTH Aachen University

Scientific committee

Francesco Aletta (UK) - University College London,
Francesco Asdrubali (IT) - University of Roma Tre,
Nikos Barkas (GR) - Hellenic Institute of Acoustics,
Raffaella Bellomini (IT) - Vie En.Ro.Se. Ingegneria S.R.L.,
Pasquale Bottalico (USA) - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign,
Luca Della Torre (UK) - Charcoalblue, London,
Dario D'Orazio (IT) - University of Bologna,
Angelo Farina (IT) - University of Parma,
Brian Katz (FR) - Sorbonne Université,
Tapio Lokki (FI) - Aalto University,
Luigi Maffei (IT) - University of Campania,
Francesco Martellotta (IT) - Politecnico of Bari,
Jean-Dominique Polack (FR) - Sorbonne University,
Nicola Prodi (IT) - University of Ferrara,
Jens Holger Rindel (DK) - Odeon A/S,
Louena Shtrepi (IT) - Politecnico of Torino,
Lamberto Tronchin (IT) - A.E.S. Italy


Simona Senesi
Email: Phone: +39 0532 735618 (Mon to Fri 9am-1pm)