47th AIA National Conference


The 47th National Conference of the Acoustic Society of Italy (AIA) postponed to 26-28 may 2021, is organized in collaboration with the University of Basilicata and the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture of Bari Polytechnic. 

The Conference will address the most current issues in the areas of analysis and control of environmental noise, acoustic quality in construction and work environments, also considering the most recent developments in the regulatory field and in all the other more advanced sectors of physical, environmental, architectural, musical and metrological acoustic research.

The different sessions will be divided into invitation reports, oral communications and posters, presented in parallel sessions.Particular attention will be paid to adding new topics of interest in the field of ecology and environmental sustainability to the usual topics of interest of the conference.

For the entire Conference, specific recognition of CFP training credits will be requested for Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Industrial Experts.

On Friday afternoon, at the end of the Conference, a professional updating course in environmental acoustics will be held for TCA for which accreditation is in progress.  

An exhibition of instruments, materials and components for acoustics and noise control will be set up at the conference venue.

31 March 2021: Papers submission

9 April 2021: Papers acceptance notification

16 April 2021: Early bird subscription

26-28 May 2021: 47° AIA National Conference

The information relating to the registration fees is shown below on this page.

ATTENTION: For AIA members and for Institutional Subscribers, the joint registration to the 47th AIA Conference and to the TCA 2020 Conference "Noise Measurement and Control"(rischeduled from 19 to 21 October 2020) entitles you to a 30% reduction in the participation fees for both events. To take advantage of the cumulative discount, you must register and pay the TCA2020 fees reserved for AIA Matera members by bank transfer, then enter the promotional code TCA2020 in the online payment registration procedure for the AIA conference. Registration will be formalized by sending the payment certificate of both conferences to the AIA secretariat (segreteria@acustica-aia.it) and to TCA2020 (iscrizioni@tca2020.org). 


The registration fee includes participation at the conference, conference material, coffee breaks, business lunches, events on Wednesday 27 May and social dinner. The registration fee grants the submission of 3 scientific papers.

PAYMENT BY 16 April  2021

- € 250.00 for AIA Members (not subject to VAT)

- € 250.00 + 22% VAT = € 305.00 for Instittional Subscribers and affiliated*

- € 350.00 + 22% VAT = € 427.00 for non-AIA members

PAYMENT AFTER 16 April 2020

- € 300.00 for AIA Members (not subject to VAT)

- € 300.00 + VAT 22% = € 366.00 for Instittional Subscribers and affiliated*

- € 400.00 + 22% VAT = € 488.00 for non-AIA members

PAYMENT DURING THE CONFERENCE - € 350.00 for AIA Members (not subject to VAT)

- € 350.00 + VAT 22% = € 427.00 for Instittional Subscribers and affiliated*

- € 450.00 + 22% VAT = € 549.00 for non-AIA members *

AFFILIATED: members of the scientific associations affiliated with AIA (AES - AiCARR - AIDI - AIDII - IBPSA ITALIA- SIE - SIML), entitled to registration with the fees reserved for AIA Associate Members increased by VAT.

JUNIOR AND SENIOR MEMBERS: AIA Junior and Senior Members are entitled to a 50% discount on the registration fee depending on the payment date.

NEW ENROLLMENTS AT AIA: Those who subscribe to AIA for the first time in 2021 are entitled to a special reduction of € 50.00 on the registration fee for the Conference according to the payment date (not combinable with other discounts or reductions).

TCA2020: Up to 50 seats will be reserved for those enrolled at the AIA National Conference who wish to participate at the courses scheduled for TCA 2020. For more information write to segreteria@acustica-aia.it.


The text of accepted scientific papers must be produced in the form of an extended abstract of a maximum length of two pages. This document will be included in the conference proceedings (which will be published exclusively online and which will have their own ISBN for indexing in bibliographic databases). The Microsoft Word template for the text of the scientific papers is available at this LINK.

It is recommended to strictly follow the instructions given in the model and not to make any changes to the structure (pagination, font size, etc.). The papers must be saved in unprotected PDF format and loaded using the FORM in the Papers Submission section.

N.B .: texts too long or not following the graphic prescriptions will not be published in the Conference Proceedings. No changes will be made in the editorial phase, therefore each author is responsible for verifying the conformity of the manuscripts. In order to allow the widest dissemination of scientific contributions, the authors maintain the rights to their work and assign to AIA the right of first publication of the work, simultaneously licensed under a "Creative Commons License - Attribution" (CC-BY) , which allows others to share the work by indicating intellectual authorship and the first publication on the proceedings of this conference. Authors can adhere to other non-exclusive license agreements for the distribution of the version of the published work (e.g. deposit it in an institutional archive or publish it in a monograph), provided that the first publication was made on the documents of this Conference. Authors can disseminate their work online (e.g. in institutional repositories or on their website) before and during the publication process on the proceedings of this conference, since it can lead to productive exchanges and increase citations of the published work.


The extended version of the scientific papers presented at the conference can be submitted to the RIA (Italian Journal of Acoustics) for review and publication. It should be remembered that RIA is a completely open access and peer-reviewed journal, being accredited in the main indexing and bibliographic citation databases. Only manuscripts already published (or being published) in the form of an extended summary in the proceedings of the National Conference will be taken into consideration. The RIA provides for an anonymous review between the parties and the process of publication of the works presented at the National Conference is the same as that provided for free contributions. Authors wishing to propose an extended version of the scientific papers can indicate their interest by sending an email to the Editorial Board of RIA at the address ria@acustica-aia.it, indicating the ID code assigned at the time of acceptance of the manuscript. The RIA Editorial Board will contact the individual authors at the end of the conference to proceed with sending the scientific papers. The authors can however send the extended version of their scientific memory even before the Conference, using the link below and specifying in the comments that it is a memory presented at the 47th AIA National Conference.


The complete list of scientific papers grouped by thematic macro-areas and the alphabetical one by author will be made available on this site. Please promptly notify the AIA SECRETARIAT of any changes to the author's name who will present the oral memory or the poster, as well as any absence. Only the papers for which at least one author has completed the registration to the Conference will be published.


The time available for the oral presentation is 15 minutes, followed by 3 minutes for questions from the audience and 2 minutes break for the change of auditorium. The presentations must be uploaded at least one hour before the start of the session at the computer provided in the classroom where the session takes place. The Microsoft Powerpoint presentation template is available at the link below. It is recommended to represent text, graphics and figures in order to ensure adequate readability and not to modify the structure of the model (logo, position of the title, etc.).


The maximum size for posters is A1 (594 × 841 mm) in portrait orientation. The posters must be installed in the appropriate spaces at the beginning of the conference and must remain on display for the duration of the conference itself. The materials for posting posters will be available at the secretariat, at the registration desk. The spaces assigned to the various posters will be identified with the scientific papers identification code, as shown in the lists mentioned above.

Soon available

Sounding Stones - A brief introduction to the soundwalk and the soundwalk itself. The soundwalk goes through the famous and fascinating "sassi" of the city of Matera, but also through lesser-known and touristic places. Specific techniques of sound enrichment will be applied in order to strenghten the soundscape of the “sassi” and to make participants re-experience sounds and habits of the past, as well as to valorize the identity and the soundscape of the most hidden and unknown place of the city.

Acoustic challenges for the next 10 years – Popular talks on hot topics in acoustics, will be aimed at introducing, in a popular and engaging form that can be appealing to high-school students and laymen, some of the “hot topics” in acoustics. In particular, the main talks, selected in order to be as multidisciplinary as possible, will be devoted to: - Eco-acoustics in the Anthropocene era - Sound and the city: designing urban soundscapes - Tasting sounds: acoustic comfort in restaurants - Virtually there: sound in virtual and augmented reality At the end of the first day, a lecture/concert entitled.

Sound, space and music – a love story will be offered to the city. The lecture/concert will disentangle the complex relationship between sound, space, and music, pointing out mutual influences and showing how changes in performance spaces affected musical composition. Commented live performances will guide the participants through this long acoustical trip