Final results Project BRIC INAIL ID 14 Rome, 17 November 2022

The final results of the BRIC INAIL ID 14 Project, “Prevention of extra-auditory effects in school environments – Active control of noise and vibrations on agricultural vehicles. Tools, methods and operational indications deriving from case studies “, funded by INAIL as part of the BRIC 2019 call, will be presented on Thursday 17 November in Rome at the INAIL Auditorium. The highly interdisciplinary project involves numerous research groups from six universities:

  • CIRIAF – University of Perugia (coordinator) – Department of Medicine and Surgery;
  • Roma Tre University – Department of Industrial, Electronic and Mechanical Engineering;
  • Sapienza University of Rome – Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering;
  • University of Florence – Department of Experimental and Clinical Medicine;
  • University of Ferrara – Department of Engineering;
  • University of L’Aquila – Department of Industrial Information Engineering and Economics.

The seminar day includes two sessions, one in the morning with the illustration of the results of the research line relating to extra-auditory effects in school environments, and one in the afternoon, with the presentation of the research line on the active control of noise and vibrations on agricultural vehicles. For the two lines, the case studies developed within the project will be presented; both sessions will end with Round Tables.

In the morning, the presentation of the results of the Bric Inail Id 19 project concerns an interdisciplinary topic such as the assessment of extra-auditory effects from exposure to noise in the workplace and considers both aspects related to new pathological evidence not included in the risk assessment pursuant to of Legislative Decree 81/2008, both cognitive and behavioral problems related to the acoustic discomfort of environments, with particular attention and reference to school environments. It is therefore aimed both at engineers and architects interested in the acoustic design of buildings and spaces, as well as psychiatrists, psychologists and occupational doctors, called to evaluate the effects of damage to health. Finally, the topics covered by the project and presented in the final event are of particular interest to teachers and school managers and administrators working in the teaching sector. During the event, the new Inail Guidelines dedicated to the evaluation of extra-auditory effects will be presented, being developed starting from the results of the project.

In the afternoon the results of the Bric Inail Id 19 project will be presented for the topic concerning the active control of noise and vibrations. The aim of the research was to verify the applicability of these technologies to reduce the risk of worker exposure, particularly in the agricultural sector, where numerous studies have highlighted significant levels of noise inside the cabin and high levels of transmitted vibrations. from the seat while driving. The state of the art of the technologies and the demonstrator development procedure will be presented, also through modeling and experimental tests. At the round table, representatives of the industrial and research world will animate the debate on future developments in the field of noise and vibration reduction for operators in the agricultural sector.

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