The acoustics of buildings


The seminar “The acoustics of the building envelope: from component certification to on-site verification” organized by the Acoustic Society of Italy (AIA) in collaboration with Politecnico di Bari, ARPA Puglia and with the Orders of Engineers and Architects of the province of Bari, will be held on November 19, 2020 at Politecnico di Bari.

Today, more than ever, the building envelope has to respond to multiple needs that go far beyond simply protecting from the elements. Energy saving, acoustic insulation and containment of urban heat island phenomena are among the main elements to be taken into account to obtain performance in compliance with current regulations (not least the most stringent limits set by “minimal criteria” for public buildings) and suitable for the most modern integrated design criteria.

On the acoustic level, the heterogeneity of the different components of the building envelope makes the task even more difficult since the weaker elements and the connections between different elements can strongly influence the final result. It is therefore necessary, on the one hand, to characterize and certify the acoustic behavior of all the elements involved, in order to have reliable starting data and, on the other, to first apply the forecast calculation methods in the most correct way and, then, take care of every detail in the construction site.

In this context, the verifications in progress represent the point of arrival of this process, through which to provide an indispensable tool to ensure both compliance with the regulations and, through an appropriate critical analysis of the results (and comparison with the results of the forecast verifications) , constant learning and improvement of practices.

The seminar, through a series of invitation reports that will see experts and technicians from the sector alternate, has the aim of taking stock of the situation on component certification procedures and on the good practices with which to obtain the expected results in place.

The first announcement will soon be available.


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