4th Seminar Acoustics and Industry “Development and certification of building materials and systems”
Ferrara, 16 September 2022






The fourth Seminar on Acoustics and Industry, the first edition of which dates back to 2014, aims to constitute not only a moment of technical-scientific updating for designers and researchers, but also a fruitful space for interaction between the vast world of acoustics and the industrial one. The theme of this edition concerns building materials, as there are numerous innovations in this sector both in the field of certification and the development of new materials.
As regards the certification of materials and building systems, there are numerous standards that have come out in recent years or are under discussion in national and international technical committees; it is therefore appropriate to take a comprehensive look at the regulatory situation, to highlight the changes that are expected in this field.
In the field of the development of new materials, great impetus has taken place in recent years in the meta-materials sector, also favored by the widespread diffusion of three-dimensional printing techniques that allow rapid prototyping of even very complex objects. These meta-materials are being studied by numerous Italian research groups and can be used in various industrial sectors, from aeronautics to automotive, up to the industrial sector and construction.
Alongside these materials, there is increasing interest in the development of sustainable acoustic materials, such as sound-absorbing materials obtained from recycled or natural fibers. The afternoon session aims to illustrate the state of the art of research in this field and encourage the exchange of ideas with technicians and manufacturers for a future application of these materials.

Patrizio Fausti, Francesco Pompoli

08:45 Registration of participants
09:30 Greetings from the Authorities, presentation of the Seminar
Francesco Asdrubali (President of the Italian Acoustics Association)
09:45 Certification of building materials and systems: from the CE mark to laboratory tests
Riccardo Gandolfi (Rockwool Italia SpA)
10:15 Analysis of the critical issues and new frontiers in the measurement of the sound absorption coefficient in the reverberation room according to ISO 354
Chiara Scrosati (ITC CNR Institute for Construction Technologies of the National Research Council)
10:45 The development of the series of ISO 10534 standards for the acoustic characterization of sound absorbing materials
Paolo Bonfiglio (Materiacustica srl)

11:15 Coffee Break

11:40 Recent developments in the standardization of the measurement of resistivity to air flow (ISO 9053)
Francesco Pompoli (Department of Engineering - University of Ferrara)
12:00 The use of input data for the acoustic design of buildings according to the New UNI 11175
Luca Barbaresi (Department of Industrial Engineering - University of Bologna)
12:20 The performance evaluation of components of hydraulic and aeraulic systems
Antonino Di Bella (Department of Industrial Engineering - University of Padua)
12:40 Laboratory characterization of building partitions: transmission through joints and radiation efficiency
Andrea Santoni (Department of Engineering - University of Ferrara)

13:00 Business lunch

14:00 Short introduction to Metamaterials
Massimo Garai (Department of Industrial Engineering - University of Bologna)
14:20 Normal incidence sound absorption of a hybrid broadband and single band metamaterial
Andrea Prato (INRIM)
14:40 FEM modeling of selective absorbers and porous matrix metamaterials
Cristina Marescotti (Department of Engineering - University of Ferrara)
15:00 Acoustic metamaterials: application for a sound-absorbing panel operating at very low frequency
Alessandro Toscano (Roma Tre University)
15:20 Optimization of sound absorbing metamaterials in the built environment: a multi-physical approach
Gioia Fusaro (Department of Industrial Engineering - University of Bologna)
15:40 Sound attenuation of acoustic barriers made with metamaterials
Gino Iannace (University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli")
16:00 High permeability silencers with metamaterials: modeling and validation of an experimental prototype
Fabio Brocchi (Ipool srl)
16:20 Industrial applications of metamaterials: practical examples
Luca D'Alessandro (Phononic Vibes srl)
16:40 Acoustic characterization of textile waste-based materials: comparison between measurement techniques
Chiara Rubino (Polytechnic of Bari)

17:00 Debate

17:30 Closing of the Seminar

Project and coordination
Francesco Pompoli, Patrizio Fausti

Italian Association of Acoustics, University of Ferrara, Institute of Sciences and Technologies for Energy and Sustainable Mobility, Order of Engineers of the Province of Ferrara.

scientific Committee
Francesco Asdrubali, Paolo Bonfiglio, Eleonora Carletti, Patrizio Fausti, Sergio Luzzi, Francesca Pedrielli, Francesco Pompoli, Alessandro Bucci (Scientific Director for the Ferrara Order of Engineers).
Under the patronage of:
Ferrara Technopole, Surveyors Foundation, Ferrara Industrial Experts Order, Ferrara College of Surveyors and AIDII.

AIA Secretariat
Simona Senesi
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OrdingFE Secretariat
Silvia Stefani
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Seat of the Seminary
The seminar will be held in Room 1 of the Scientific Technological Pole of the University of Ferrara, in via Saragat 1.

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Event Details
  • Start Date
    16 September 2022 09:00
  • End Date
    16 September 2022 17:30