47th AIA National Conference online

The 47th National Conference of the Acoustic Society of Italy (AIA) will be held online in the last week of May 2021.

The Conference will address the most current issues in the areas of analysis and control of environmental noise, acoustic quality in construction and work environments, also considering the most recent developments in the regulatory field and in all the other more advanced sectors of physical, environmental, architectural, musical and metrological acoustic research.

The different sessions will take place on the AIA webinar platform.

At the end of the Conference, online professional updating courses will be held for Competent Acoustics Technicians, for which the request for accreditation is in progress.

The Conference will not have a physical location and will propose a structure and a program specifically designed for online communication, also with the contribution of suggestions and requests made by AIA Members.


9 April 2021: Papers submission

19 April 2021: Papers acceptance notification

30 April 2021: Early bird subscription

24-28 May 2021: 47° AIA National Conference online

Conference registration fees:

• € 50.00 for AIA Members (not subject to VAT);

• € 50.00 + VAT 22% = € 61.00 for Institutional Supporters and Affiliated Parties *;

• € 100.00 + VAT 22% = € 122.00 for non-AIA members.

ONLY those registered for the conference will also be able to register for the online professional updating courses for technicians competent in Acoustics, scheduled at the end of the conference.

Participation in each course requires the payment of a contribution for the costs relating to the issuance of credits.


Contribution fee for each professional refresher course for TCA:

- € 20.00 for AIA Members (not subject to VAT);

- € 20.00 + VAT 22% = € 24.40 for Institutional Supporters and Affiliates *;

- € 40.00 + VAT 22% = € 48.80 for non-AIA members.

*) AGREEMENTS: they are the Members of the scientific associations affiliated with AIA (AES - AiCARR - AIDI - AIDII - IBPSA ITALIA- SIE - SIML) and are entitled to enrollment with the shares reserved for AIA associated Members plus VAT.

JUNIOR AND SENIOR MEMBERS: AIA Junior and Senior Members are entitled to a 50% discount for the registration fee for the online National Conference (courses are excluded).

NEWLY ENROLLED IN THE AIA: Those who enroll in the AIA for the first time in 2021 are allowed FREE access to the National Conference online (courses are excluded).

FACILITIES: For AIA Members, in compliance with the registration fees for the years 2020 and 2021, who will present scientific papers at the 47th National Conference, a discount voucher equal to the amount of the registration fee to be used in 2022 is expected for registration to the 48th AIA National Convention.


For more information write to segreteria@acustica-aia.it


The text of accepted scientific papers must be produced in the form of an extended abstract of a maximum length of two pages. This document will be included in the conference proceedings (which will be published exclusively online and which will have their own ISBN for indexing in bibliographic databases). The Microsoft Word template for the text of the scientific papers is available at this LINK.

It is recommended to strictly follow the instructions given in the model and not to make any changes to the structure (pagination, font size, etc.). The papers must be saved in unprotected PDF format and loaded using the FORM in the Papers Submission section.

N.B .: texts too long or not following the graphic prescriptions will not be published in the Conference Proceedings. No changes will be made in the editorial phase, therefore each author is responsible for verifying the conformity of the manuscripts.

In order to allow the widest dissemination of scientific contributions, the authors maintain the rights to their work and assign to AIA the right of first publication of the work, simultaneously licensed under a "Creative Commons License - Attribution" (CC-BY) , which allows others to share the work by indicating intellectual authorship and the first publication on the proceedings of this conference. Authors can adhere to other non-exclusive license agreements for the distribution of the version of the published work (e.g. deposit it in an institutional archive or publish it in a monograph), provided that the first publication was made on the documents of this Conference. Authors can disseminate their work online (e.g. in institutional repositories or on their website) before and during the publication process on the proceedings of this conference, since it can lead to productive exchanges and increase citations of the published work.


The extended version of the scientific papers presented at the conference can be submitted to the RIA (Italian Journal of Acoustics) for review and publication. It should be remembered that RIA is a completely open access and peer-reviewed journal, being accredited in the main indexing and bibliographic citation databases. Only manuscripts already published (or being published) in the form of an extended summary in the proceedings of the National Conference will be taken into consideration. The RIA provides for an anonymous review between the parties and the process of publication of the works presented at the National Conference is the same as that provided for free contributions. Authors wishing to propose an extended version of the scientific papers can indicate their interest by sending an email to the Editorial Board of RIA at the address ria@acustica-aia.it, indicating the ID code assigned at the time of acceptance of the manuscript. The RIA Editorial Board will contact the individual authors at the end of the conference to proceed with sending the scientific papers. The authors can however send the extended version of their scientific memory even before the Conference, using the link below and specifying in the comments that it is a memory presented at the 47th AIA National Conference.



The complete list of scientific papers grouped by thematic macro-areas and the alphabetical one by author will be made available on this site. Please promptly notify the AIA SECRETARIAT of any changes to the author's name who will present the oral memory or the poster, as well as any absence. Only the papers for which at least one author has completed the registration to the Conference will be published.


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Soon available