We are pleased to disclose the information of Ecophon Platinum Supporter AIA 2023:

For Ecophon, transparency is a key factor in environmental sustainability, which is why we provide a number of certifications and labels to help improve the environmental conditions inside buildings.

In fact, Ecophon products are covered by Environmental Product Declarations, which include all the data from the life cycle assessment, certified by a third party.

Our products are Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort certified, the set of all air quality values and labels for indoor environments. Certification includes regular factory inspections and frequent product testing to ensure compliance with the standard.

The systems also have the Finnish voluntary classification for building material emissions; M1 represents the lowest emission class of this system.

Furthermore, the excellent sound absorbing characteristics make Ecophon systems the ideal choice in the acoustic design of schools, helping to achieve optimal reverberation time and speech clarity values.

Find out more about our commitment to environmental sustainability at the following link: