COVID – 19 – Arpa Piemonte publishes preliminary data on the reduction of noise pollution in Turin

The epidemiological emergency due to COVID-19 has led to a unique and perhaps unrepeatable acoustic scenario. The lockdown of schools, the widespread use of smart working and the general requirement to stay at home have led to a significant decrease in road traffic and the complete elimination of the night-time life in public spaces, with a consequent significant variation in the acoustic climate of the urban areas.

Arpa Piemonte (Environment Protection Agency of Piedmont Region) has published a first survey conducted in Turin (LINK), based on the data acquired from 11 continuous monitoring stations.

The results show an average reduction in road traffic noise of about 5 dB (A), from which a decrease of around 70% in the mean number of circulating vehicles can be estimated.

In the nightlife areas the changes are even more evident, with a soundscape completely modified: the sounds of people’s voices are completely disappeared during the night and the current sound levels, up to 30 dB (A) less than before, are determined only by the sporadic transit of the vehicles on local streets.

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