COVID-19 – Published the monitoring points map with first data

In the page dedicated to the initiative of sound levels monitoring during the Covid-19 emergency (GO TO THE PAGE) the updated map of the measuring points with the first data processed (GO TO THE MAP) has been published.

Out of 326 points surveyed, data relating to 179 points were received, of which 131 so far processed, for a total of 73294 hourly samples.

The measuring points and related data are continuously growing thanks also to the contribution by the ARPA/APPA, made possible through a joint research program signed between the different Agencies and AIA.

The specific objectives of the agreement are:

–  to collect and organize, through a geographical information system, the data measured by public bodies, companies, acoustic consultants and private citizens;

– to perform a large-scale first level analysis on sound level variations by different type of sources;

– to carry out an in-depth study in some sample areas on specific acoustic effects, like variations on spectra, noise mapping, people exposure, traffic flows, number of people gathering in “movida” areas, ambulances siren impact, etc.;

– to acquire information and knowledge useful for the study of quite zones.

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