The Central Institute for Sound and Audiovisual Heritage (ICBSA – Ministry of Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism), in collaboration with the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Padua and LYS – Locate Your Sound, appeals to spontaneous collection of sound documentation of this anomalous condition in which Italy is living.

In these days, the provisions that the government has imposed against the spread of COVID-19 are profoundly changing everyday life, social relations and the impact of man on the surrounding environment. These changes are temporarily transforming the Italian soundscapes by making unique environments re-emerge, full of a life usually buried under the noise of road or air traffic, of productive activities, from all everyday life.


The appeal, in ABSOLUTE RESPECT OF THE DPCM MARCH 11, 2020 and ALL THE DIRECTIVES IN FORCE on the Italian territory to contain the spread of COVID-19, is addressed to all those who have the opportunity to produce such documentation and make it available by ICBSA, publishing the soundscapes recorded on this map, available to the whole population.


#iorestoacasa #aprolafinestraeregistro


for more information on how to participate click here or go to the Facebook page @paesaggisonoriitalianicovid19