COVID-19 – APPA Trento adheres to the acoustic monitoring initiative launched by AIA

The Environmental Protection Agency of Trento Province (APPA Trento) has joined the initiative of an acoustic data collection during COVID-19 emergency, launched by AIA (GO TO THE EVENT PAGE), by starting an extensive monitoring plan over the province.

The team set up for this action is made up by 10 experts on acoustics provided with 14 measurement stations.



The objective # 1 is to document the acoustic environment of the province in this unique moment, through a monitoring phase. This step is focused on positioning the greatest number of class-1 sound level meters in different areas of Trentino, compatibly with the mobility restrictions imposed on the spread of the epidemy. The goal is to collect acoustic data for at least 24 hours, measuring the following parameters: LAEQ, sound spectra in octave-bands, percentiles levels. Moreover, non-acoustics information to characterize the areas will be registered (type of area, acoustic classification, full active, partially active or deactivated sound sources). In the second step (elaboration), two reports for each monitoring day are expected, referred respectively to the daytime and night-time periods.



The second important goal is the to evaluate the impact of restrictions adopted during the epidemiological emergency. To achieve this goal it is important to compare two or more temporal scenarios: the present one and a previous or successive one.

In case of availability of previous data, some analysis could be already started, otherwise a future measurement session at the end of the epidemy would be necessary.

For further information it is possible to visit the page of the APPA Trento web site dedicated to the initiative (LINK).

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