We are pleased to inform you about the next AIA activities scheduled for autumn 2020:

  1. Starting from 2 October 2020, webinar “Waiting for Matera …”: 12 meetings (6 between October and December 2020 and 6 between February and April 2021) waiting for the 47th AIA National Conference in Matera. Webinar meetings of 40-60 ’’ popular-scientific cutting edge on current topics in the field of acoustics. Free events for AIA Members and Non-Members. Will not be released CFP.
  2. October 2020 (date to be defined), webinar “Acoustics and multisensory interactions in complex environments: simulations and applications in virtual reality”, presented by the ACOUVI research group of the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design (DADI) of the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli ”, deals with theoretical, applicative and practical aspects related to the use of a new integrated acoustic design approach. Free event for AIA members. CFP are expected to be issued.
  3. November 2020 (date to be defined), AIA-AICARR webinar: presentation of the manual on energy and acoustic requalification of historic buildings. Free event for AIA members. CFP are expected to be issued.
  4. November 19, 2020, “The acoustics of the building envelope: from component certification to on-site verification”. Morning, webinar event. free for AIA Members and Non-Members without the issue of CFP. Afternoon, in attendance (Polytechnic of Bari, Aula Magna) refresher course (with final verification) for Competent Technicians in Acoustics on the theme “The lateral transmissions of noise in construction. Calculation models and laboratory measurements »Paid course. CFP are expected to be issued. The TCA accreditation request is in progress.
  5. December 2020 (date to be defined), webinar on materials and metamaterials: presentation of the PRIN project on innovative and metamaterial materials for acoustics, project objectives, activities, open issues and future developments. Free event for AIA Members and Non-Members. Will not be released CFP.
  6. Autumn (date to be defined), Professional updating day “CTU and CTP in acoustic consultancy, operating principles, technical aspects, case studies”. Paid event in collaboration with Professional Orders. CFP are expected to be issued.

We point out that due to the COVID-19 health emergency, the IYS activities have been extended to 2021. For updates and information on the reprogramming of the events scheduled within the IYS 2020-2021, it is possible to consult the site: https: // sound2020.org/.