The 49th National Conference of the Acoustical Society of Italy is organized in collaboration with the Engineering Department of the University of Ferrara and the CNR-STEMS.

The Conference will address the most current issues in the sectors of environmental noise analysis and control, acoustic quality in buildings and work environments, also considering the most recent developments in the regulatory field and in all the other more advanced sectors of acoustic research. physical, environmental, architectural, musical and metrological.
The different sessions will be articulated in invited papers, oral communications and posters, presented in parallel sessions.
Particular attention will be paid to complementing the usual topics of interest at the conference with new topics of interest in the field of ecology and environmental sustainability.

For the entire Conference, specific recognition of CFP training credits will be requested for Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Industrial Experts. In addition, two professional refresher courses for Competent Acoustics Technicians will be held, one on Wednesday 7 June (morning) and the other on Friday 9 June (afternoon).

An exhibition of instruments, materials and components for acoustics and noise control will be set up at the conference venue.

For more information and download the announcement: 49th AIA Conference