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Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.
Study on vibration and noise characteristics of rounded-jointed silent chain system
Authors: Yabing Cheng, Junyue Zhang, Wang Gao, Xinyue Li
Reduction and optimization of a vehicle’s rear side window buffeting
Authors: Yinzhi He, Lianghuo Long, Zhigang Yang
On development of rational design guidelines for large side-inlet side-outlet perforated element mufflers
Authors: K.M. Kumar, M.L. Munjal
Low-frequency impact sound pressure fields in small rooms within lightweight timber buildings – suggestions for simplified measurement procedures
Authors: Jörgen Olsson, Andreas Linderholt
Modeling of acoustic lined duct with and without grazing air flow by an analytical method
Authors: Zacharie Laly, Noureddime Atalla, Sid-Ali Meslioui, Khalid El Bikri
Estimation of the acoustic field of a vibrating cylindrical shell considering an unknown acoustic disturbance
Authors: Y.W. Kim, B.K. Jung, S.U. Kim, W.B. Jeong
Commercial aircraft cabin noise reduction based on SEA and transfer-matrix method
Authors: Ying Hu, Chenxi Li, Feng Han, Zixin Feng, Liyan He