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Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.
Numerically stable explicit time-domain finite element method for room acoustics simulation using an equivalent impedance model
Authors: Takumi Yoshida, Takeshi Okuzono and Kimihiro Sakagami
Rapid engineering assessment method for acoustic design of metro trains
Authors: Xiaobo Liu, Zhongcheng Jiang, Biao Ye and Xianfeng Wang
Enhancing interior noise of electric vehicles by design analyses and refinements of traction motors  
Author: Ming-Hung Lu and Ming Une Jen
Experimental investigation of the effect of static load on rolling tire noise  
Authors: Rui Cao and J. Stuart Bolton
Sound intensity transfer path analysis and its application to analyze the acoustics in vehicle interior  
Authors: Yosuke Tanabe and Akira Inoue
Study on optimization method of GDI engine combustion noise based on noise-performance map
Authors: Nan Zhou, Xu Zheng, Rui-jun Liu and Zhi-yong Hao
An improved structural-acoustic coupling model for tire cavity noise
Authors: Yongbao Yang, Yongchang Du, Ruting Tong and Yintao Wei
A wave and finite element approach for computing the optimal damping layer characteristics for composite structures
Authors: D. Chronopoulos and T. Ampatzidis
Proposal of a simplified method for the prediction of impact sound insulation between rooms, from below to above
Authors: Diogo Mateus, Andreia Pereira and Luis Godinho 
Development of a wireless measurement system for ship vibration in a sea trial
Authors: Byung Chang Jung, Young-Cheol Huh, Tae-Young Chung, Jung-Hoon Chung and Eung-Sik Jeon