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Improved empirical prediction method for impinging acoustic sources distributed around interactive structures
Authors: Park, Seoryong; Kim, Jin-hyeong; Shin, SangJoon; Lee, Soogab
Performance of hard disk drives in high noise environments
Authors: Dutta, Trinoy; Barnard, Andrew R.
Performance of V-shaped perforated noise barriers
Authors: Zheng, Shixiong; Zhou, Qiang; Han, Jian
Prediction of sound fields radiated by finite-size sources in room environments by using equivalent source models: three-dimensional simulation and validation
Authors: Liu, Yangfan; Bolton, J. Stuart
Analytical assessment of wind turbine noise impact at receiver by means of residual noise determination without the wind farm shutdown
Authors: Fredianelli, Luca; Gallo, Paolo; Licitra, Gaetano; Carpita, Stefano
Flow and self-noise around bypass transition strips
Authors: van der Velden, W.C.P.; van Zuijlen, A.H.; de Jong, A.T.; Ragni, D.
Aerodynamic noise analysis of a portable pneumatic extinguisher
Authors: Chen, Xiaoxuan; Li, Wenbin
Generalization of head-related transfer function database using tensor-singular value decomposition
Authors: Son, Daehyuk; Park, Youngjin
On the crucial role of mean flow in the design of multiply-connected coaxial perforated element mufflers
Authors: Kumar, K.M.; Munjal, M.L.
A compact active sound absorption system compensating near-field effect of the secondary source
Authors: Wang, Jun; Lu, Jing; Qiu, Xiaojun
Vibration and sound radiation analysis of rectangular plates resting on Winkler foundation in thermal environment with closed form solutions
Authors: Zhou, Kai; Su, Jinpeng; Hua, Hongxing