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Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.
Application of FEM/IBEM combined with PEM for acoustic radiation and sensitivity analysis of a randomly excited structure
Authors: Liu, Bao-shan; Tong, Li-yong; Zhao, Guo-zhong
Simulation of surge in the air induction system of turbocharged internal combustion engines
Authors: Dehner, Rick; Selamet, Ahmet; Selamet, Emel; Keller, Philip.; ShuttyKeller, John.; Tallio, Kevin.; Miazgowicz, Keith.; Wade, Robert
Experimental investigation of noise generated by submerged circular cylinder
Authors: Choi, Woen-sug; Choi, Yoseb; Hong, Suk-Yoon; Song, Jee-Hun.; KwonSong, Hyun-Wung.; Seol, Hanshin
Equivalence study on hollow extruded aluminum alloy profile plates based on vibroacoustic behavior
Authors: Song, Leiming; Zhou, Haitao; Song, Shike
Active control of wind turbine noise using audio integrated pillows
Authors: Chen, Yi-Rou; Kuo, Sen M.; Chang, Cheng-Yuan
Acoustic analysis of two small axial-flow fans in series
Authors: Wang, Chen; Huang, Lixi
The modal coupling effect on the noise radiation of beams under different excitations
Authors: Chang, Daoqing; Liu, Bilong
Estimation method to achieve a noise reduction effect of airfoil with a serrated trailing edge for wind turbine rotor
Authors: Ryi, Jaeha; Choi, Jong-Soo