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Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.
Bearings in simulated space conditions running state detecton based on Tsallis entropy-KPCA and optimized fuzzy c-means model 
Authors: Dong, Shaojiang; Sheng, Jinlu; Tang, Baoping; Zhong, Li; Xu, Xiangyang; Chen, Lili; Hu, Qiguo; Luo, Jiayuan; Zhao, Ling; Chen, Renxiang 
How tonality and loudness of noise relate to annoyance and task performance 
Authors: Lee, Joonhee; Francis, Jennifer M.; Wang, Lily M. 
Acoustic attenuation analysis of oval expansion chambers with extended single inlet and double outlets 
Authors: Fang, Z.; Liu, C.Y. 
A simplified method for determining the damping loss factor of panels using a narrow band decay method 
Authors: Bonfiglio, Paolo; Pompoli, Francesco; Farnetani, Andrea 
Dynamic analysis of a cantilever beam with a multiple degrees of freedom system 
Authors: Tang, H.B.; Xu, B.G. 
Energy transfer mechanism of supersonic jet noise through rectangular nozzles 
Authors: Chen, Zhe; Wu, Jiu-Hui; Ren, A-Dan; Chen, Xin; Huang, Zhen 
An efficient modeling method for coupled vibration analysis of double-helical gear reduction 
Authors: Liu, Chao; Fang, Zongde; Zhang, Xijin; Wang, Feng; Jiang, Jinke; Du, Jinfu