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Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.
Subscribed Content Internal noise reduction in railway vehicles by means of rail grinding and rail dampers
Authors: Zhao, Caiyou; Wang, Ping; Yi, Qiang
Subscribed Content Background noise in Iranian hospital intensive care units
Authors: Fasih-Ramandi, F.; Nadri, H.
Subscribed Content Statistical model of tyre-road noise for thin layer surfacing
Authors: Li, Mingliang; van Keulen, Wim; Ceylan, Halil; Cao, Dongwei; van de Ven, Martin; Molenaar, Andre
Subscribed Content Mathematical modeling and simulation of engine noise for automotive applications
Authors: Sameer Ahamed, P.S.; Duraiswamy, Punithavathi
Subscribed Content Linear acoustic multi-port modeling of automotive charge air coolers
Authors: Veloso, Rafael; Elnemr, Yasser