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Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.
Active noise control of enclosed centrifugal blowers
 J. James Esplin, Scott D. Sommerfeldt, Kent L. Gee and John K. Boyle
Development of noise controls for longwall shearer cutting drums
Hugo E. Camargo, Amanda S. Azman and Lynn Alcorn
Characteristic analysis of disc brake squeal signal based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition
Yao Liang, Hiroshi Yamaura, Yutaka Nakano and Noriyuki Shirasuna
On the retrofitted design of a truck muffler with cascaded sub-chambers
Xiang Yu, Yuhui Tong, Jie Pan, Hongmei Sun and Li Cheng
Noise levels of a Massey Fergusson 285 tractor during movement on dirt and paved roads
M.R. Ghotbi Ravandi, M.R. Monazzam, N. Khanjani, S. Momen Bellah Fard, H. Nadri and F. Nadri
Optimal design of compact multi-partition MPP silencers for I.C. engines noise control 
Sabry Allam
Frequency-dependent mechanical modelling of poro-elastic materials for sound transmission loss simulations
Paolo Bonfiglio and Francesco Pompoli
Analysis of structure-borne noise in vehicles by modifying the stiffness of joint parts in the suspension system and vehicle body
 Yong-Dae Kim and Jae-Eung Oh
Noise contribution analysis of a vehicle passenger compartment
Cem Meriç, Haluk Erol and Aytekin Özkan
In-plane vibration analysis of phononic crystal curved beams 
Donghua Wang, Shuai Zhijun, Liu Wei, Chen Meilong, Liu Siyuan and Li Shidan
Ground-borne vibration control in a building-like structure using multi-positive position feedback combined with sliding mode control 
Josué Enríquez-Zárate and Gerardo Silva-Navarro
Noise source analysis and control for two axial-flow cooling fans in series
Chen Wang, Weihao Zhang and Lixi Huang