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Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.
Sound transmission acrosss a plenum window with an active noise cancellation system
Tang, S.K.; Tong, Y.G.; Tsui, K.L.
Measurement of perceived window lift sound quality via factor analysis
Jo, Hyeonho; Kang, Yeon June; Kim, Seonghyun; Chae, Jongman
Vibration characteristics of a piezoelectric transducer laminated with piezoelectric disks
Piao, Chunguang; Kim, Jin Oh
Numerical analysis of active structural acoustic control in an enclosed cavity
Elwali, Wael; Li, Mingfeng; Lim, Teik C.
A variable step-size filtered-x least mean square algorithm for continuously varying noise
Puri, Amrita; Modak, Subodh V.; Gupta, Kshitij
The acoustic and thermal characteristics of wooden triple glazed windows
Miskinis, Kestutis; Dikavicius, Vidmantas; Burlingis, Arunas
Development of a set of structural acoustic teaching demonstrations using a simply supported rectangular plate
Barnard, Andrew R.; Hambric, Stephen A.
Testing of axial fans with microperforated housings
Lee, Seungkyu; Bolton, J. Stuart
Comparison of ARIMA and ANN approaches in time-series predictions of traffic noise
Garg, N.; Sharma, M.K.; Parmar, K.S.; Soni, K.; Singh, R.K.; Maji, S.
Design of multi-chamber cylindrical silencers with microperforated elements
Lee, Seungkyu; Bolton, J. Stuart; Martinson, Paul A.
Effects of noise generated by construction sites on wild birds
Bottalico, Pasquale; Bertetti, Carlo A.; Falossi, Marco