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Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.
A methodolgy for evaluating the structure-borne road noise prior to a prototype vehicle using direct force measured on a suspension rig 
Song, David P.; Min, Dongwoo; Kang, Yeon June; Cho, Munhwan; Kim, Hyoung Gun; Ih, Kang Duck
Reducing noise levels in vehicles by padding rubber layers at structural interfaces 
Huang, Xing-Rong; Besset, Sebastien; Jezequel, Louis; Li, Lin
Simplification of real-world terrain for outdoor acoustic propagation modeling 
Mobley, Frank; Moore, Tiffanie; Davis, Matthew
Nonlinear, statistical models of tire-pavement noise 
Dare, Tyler; McDaniel, Rebecca; Shah, Ayesha
Rapid updating if 3D road traffic noise maps in large cities 
Cai, Ming; Zhang, Zhiwei; Ma, Xialin; Li, Feng
Influence factors and spatiotemporal patterns of environmental sound levels in the contiguous United States 
Mennitt, Daniel J.; Fristrup, Kurt M.
The impact of multi-lane traffic flow distribution on road noise variability 
Makarewicz, Rufin; Golebiewski, Roman
The effect of vision on the perception of the noise produced by a chiller in a common living environment 
Aletta, Francesco; Masullo, Massimiliano; Maffei, Luigi; Kang, Jian
Measurement of reflection factor at oblique incidence with pressure-velocity transducers 
Lin, Wang-Lin; Bi, Chuan-Xing; Zhang, Yong-Bin
Fractional model of viscoelastic oscillator and application to a crawler tractor 
Li, Zhan-Long; Sun, Da-Gang; Sun, Bao; Yan, Bi-Juan; Han, Bin-Hui; Meng, Jie
Hybrid actice noise barrier with sound masking in open-plan offices 
Wang, Xun; Koba, Yousuke; Ishikawa, Satoshi; Kijimoto, Shinya