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Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.
Airborne noise optimization design of gear system
He, Zeyin; Lin, Tengjiao; Lui, Tianhong
A practical approach to analyze the non-stationary signals of a quayside container crane motor using a combined empirical mode decomposition and wavelet packet quantization technique
Yin, Yinan; Hu, Xiong; Lin, Tian Ran
Propagation of sound around different noise barrier models using a three-dimensional scan based sound visualization technique
Serraris, Jasper
Suppression of diffracted sound by green walls
Shimizu, Takafumi; Matsuda, Toru; Nishibe, Yosei; Tempo, Misaki; Yoshitani, Kimie; Azumi, Yoichi
Measurement uncertainty in airborne sound insulation and single-number quantities using sound pressure and sound intensity approached
Garg, N.; Gandhi, L.; Kumar, A.; Kumar, P.; Saini, P.K.
Experimental round-robin evaluation of structure-borne sound source force-power test methods
Lai, H. Kevin; Moorhouse, Andy; Gibbs, Barry
Inclusion of elevation angle source directivity in the parabolic equation method
Rosenbaum, Joyce E.; Atchley, Anthony A.; Sparrow, Victor W.
Alternative method for acoustical characterization of absorbent materials based on the assessment of the acoustical efficiency of dissipative silencers
Fonseca de Liam, Key; Barbieri, Nilson; Barbieri, Renato
Design and analysis of a novel muffler for wide-band transmission loss, low back pressure and reduced flow-induced noise
Sagar, Vidya; Munjal, M.L.
Vibrational and acoustical performance of concrete box-section bridges subjected to train wheel-rail excitation: Field test and numerical analysis
Zhang, Xun; Li, Xiaozhen; Song, Lizhong; Su, Bin; Li, Yadong
Noise reduction method of ship radiated noise with ensemble empirical mode decomposition of adaptive noise
Hong, Yang; Ya-an, Li; Guo-Hui, Li
Exposure-response relationships for road traffic and aircraft noise in Vietnam
Nguyen, Thu Lan; Yano, Takashi; Nishimura, Tsuyoshi; Sato, Tetsumi
Predicting the absorption of perforated panels backed by resistive textiles
Larner, David James; Davy, John Laurence
Design of in-plane functionally graded material plates for optimal vibration performance
Alshabatat, Nabeel T.; Myers, Kyle; Naghshineh, Koorosh
Active vibration control of plates using positive postion feedback control with PZT actuators
Shin, Changjoo; Hong, Chinsuk; Jong, Weui Bong; Kwon, Osoon