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Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.
Propagation of crackle-containing jet noise from high-performance engines         
Gee, Kent L.; Neilsen, Tracianne B.; Wall, Alan T.; Downing, J. Micah; James, Michael M.; McKinley, Richard L.
Prediction of the broadband noise of a low-speed axial fan by CFD similations     
Guedel, Alain; Robitu, Mirela
Rotor-stator interaction noise of axial turbo machinery: Minimization by experimental optimization of trailing-edge blowing
Carolus, Thomas H.; Kohlhaas, Michael; Bamberger, Konrad
Audio-visual interaction of environmental noise    
Preis, Anna; Hafke-Dyx, Honorata; Szychowska, Malina; Kocinski, Jedrzej; Felcyn, Jan
Target setting for enhancing sound quality of a motorcycle by sound systhesis technique
Lu, Ming-Hung; Jen, Ming Une
A hybrid numerical-experimental analysis for tire air-pumping noise with application to pattern optimization           
Wei, Yintao; Feng, Qizhang; Wang, Hao; Kaliske, Michael
The use of damping to reduce the contribution of flanking paths to sound transmission in buildings     
Yan, Feng; Wilson, Robin; Rutherford, Peter; Craik, Robert J.M.
Torsional wave propagation in a piezoelectric radial phononic crystals       
Chai, Zhuoye; Wang, Donghua; Liu, Wei; Kong, Defeng
Prediction of vibration response and acoustic radiation of a thin-walled box with particle dampers using multiphase flow theory of gas-particle          
Wang, Dongqiang; Wu, Chengjun; Yang, Ruichao
Parameters design of a nonlinear membrane absorber applied to 3D acoustic cavity based on targeted energy transfer (TET)            
Wu, Xian; Shao, Jianwang; Cochelin, Bruno