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Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.

Tire camber angle influence on tire-pavement noise 
Wozniak, Ryszard; Taryma, Stanislaw; Mioduszewski, Piotr
Sound insulation laboratory measurements of hollow brick masonry walls with different cavity depths and filling thickness 
Ascigil-Dincer, Mine; Yilmaz Demirkale, Sevtap
Acoustic performance of a water muffler 
Du, Tao; Li, Shiyang; Liu, Jingting; Wu, Dazhuan
Noise responses before and after noise abatement measures in a residential intervention project 
Gidlof-Gunnarsson, Anita; Ohstrom, Evy; Kihlman, Tor; Forssen, Jens
A retrospective veiw of ambient noise standards in India: Status and proposed revisions 
Garg, N.; Kumar, A.; Saini, P.K.; Maji, S.
Effects of acoustic characteristics on annoyance of aircraft flyover noise 
Wang, Yachen; Liu, Shengnan; Dong, Yiwei; Cai, Jun
Active vibration control of structures using a semi-active dynamic absorber 
Kwak, Moon K.; Yang, Dong-Ho; Shin, Ji-Hwan
An experimental study on the absorption characteristics of a three-dimensional permeable membrane space sound absorber 
Sakagami, Kimihiro; Funahashi, Kota; Somatomo, Yu; Okuzono, Takeshi; Nishikawa, Chinami; Toyoda, Masahiro