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Di seguito i titoli degli articoli visionabili e scaricabili.

Evolving community noise ordinances in central Florida
MacDonald, J.
Spectral-based direct multi-substructure analysis of mechanical system vibration response
Jiang, Wenwei; Lim, Teik C.
Sound quality preference modeling usiung a nested artificial neural network architecture
Pietila, Glenn; Lim, Teik C.
Methodology for assessing the sound insulation of the facade of a multiple floor building
De Oliveira Filho, Marcus Vinicius Manfrin; Zannin, Paulo Henrique Trombetta
.Identification of noise sources and design of noise reduction measures for a pneumatic nail gun 
Jayakumar, Vignesh; Kim, Jay; Zechmann, Edward
Energy distribution for sournd quality improvement of exhaust noise of crusier type of motorcycle
Shin, Sung-Hwan; Hashimoto, Takeo; Hatano, Shigeko
Applications of AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) approach in time-series prediction of traffic noise pollution
Garg, N.; Soni, K.; Saxena, T.K.; Maji, S.
Influence of blade pitch on amplitude modulation of wind turbine noise
Makarewicz, Rufin; Golebiewski, Roman
Torsional vibration band gaps in a shaft with 1D-piezoelectric phononic crystals
Shu, Haisheng; Zhao, Lei; Shi, Xiaona; Liu, Wei; Li, Zhenyu; Wang, Weiyuan; Liu, Shaogang