During EXPO 2015, the Acoustical Society of Italy organizes the symposium “the Science of acoustics serving the food, the nutrition and the environment”.
The science of acoustics range in very large fields. Referring to the theme of the Symposium, they care not only of the relationship, often in conflict, between noise and environment, but also of the protection and promotion of the territory, of the prevention of hydro-geological disasters and of risks for worker’s health, of the management of natural resources sources, of the use of new technologies in the food industry, looking for innovative solutions.
This Symposium, held by international experts, is aimed at researchers, teachers, students, engineers in acoustics, operators of public administrations, members of scientific societies and associations, designers and technicians from industries.
The main topics are protection and promotion of the rural soundscape, noise emission of wind farms, protection of agricultural land by means of sensors for the prevision of landslides, impact of noise on live stocks and fauna, identification and management of fish by ultrasounds, risks arising from noise and vibration exposure for agriculture and fishing employees, materials of plant origin for the construction of sound absorbing panels, processing and quality control of food products using sound waves.
The Symposium will be held at the Auditorium of the Cascina Triulza inside the EXPO.
Partecipation to the Symposium is free, but requires an on-line registration.
The Symposium takes place inside the EXPO. To access to the EXPO is necessary to purchase an entrance ticket  that entitles you to visit the EXPO. For booking and purchase EXPO Entrance Tickets please visit http://www.expo2015.org/it/biglietti.
All lectures will be in English or in Italian. It is planned to have simultaneous translation.
Participants will receive Symposium Procedings containing the text of the lectures and a certificate of attendance.